Bad Habit #2: Using Things Up

At first glance, using things up completely may not seem like a bad habit. It’s very green, it’s anti-waste, and it prevents me from purchasing things I’m not completely sure I will use. However, I sense I have a problem.

Because I have seen myself—as much as I hate to admit it—collecting other people’s castoffs. Specifically toiletries.

It’s not that I want this stuff. Actually, I don’t. And I don’t need it either. I can afford my own stuff. It’s the thought of it going to waste that makes me shudder.

I mean, you can’t donate 3/4 used toiletries to charity. To them it’s garbage. And would you purchase hair gel that was already open? No way! That’s totally gross!

So what…am I doing?

As I look at my bathroom, filled to capacity with half-used toiletries I neither want nor need I wonder why I would rather force myself to use someone else’s cast off toiletries than knowingly allow it to go to landfills.

It’s a hassle. And it’s uncomfortable. And people think I’m really weird.

In fact I found myself hoping the stuff would be unusable and/or broken so I could throw it away with a clean conscience.

I have two final thoughts. First, at least this isn’t as bad as bad habit #1 (reheating old coffee). Second, this desire to use things up completely can only support my increasing penchant for re-purposing old, useless junk.

  • I sell all my half used stuff on swap sites for 2 or 3 bucks. It always gets sold. No waste, I make money, and someone always actually uses the product!

  • Anonymous

    HA!! I shoulda given you my full kitchen garbage sized bag of half used toiletries. Not even kidding, I threw it straight into the the garbage. I was sick of digging through my toiletry drawer and seeing it all.


  • Kortney I had NO idea people did that! My mind is expanded!

    Natasha I am a little sad!!! Lol but you’ll think of me next time 😉

  • I’m obsessed with using things completely up too! I keep adding water to my shampoo & conditioner bottles at the end to make sure I get every last drop out. It makes Mark crazy.

    But I’ve never felt the need to use other people’s stuff up…

  • You know what Avey I never used to either, just my own stuff. I’m not really a fan of this development. I think somewhere I thought if I admitted it I would be so embarrassed/harassed I would stop the madness before it got out of control.

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