The Business of Blogging

The Business of Blogging

The Business of Blogging

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to speak about blogging to a third year communications class at my local university.

How crazy!

When the prof asked I said yes before thinking. But if I had thought first I would have said yes anyway, I just would have been more afraid.

I had a few weeks to prepare, which was good because I wasn’t sure what to speak about being my first time and all. I asked some questions but really I had an open slate so I decided to read through the syllabus and the course textbook. If I knew what the students were already learning then I could find a topic everyone would be interested in (not just me).

Good writing is worth fighting for

I decided on The Business of Blogging. I wanted to come up with a practical subject with some takeaways rather than vague artsy fartsy feel-good content. But maybe I was a bit ambitious. I mean, who reads a course textbook when preparing a one-hour presentation?

Better over-prepared than under though.

The good news is I finished my presentation with enough time to pass it over to my graphic designer for beautifying. I was able to come up with something I was proud of.

And then I gave my presentation

It was scary but so fun! I love blogging and love talking about it. I was prepared, I spoke without crying, and I was able to answer most of the questions (via Twitter btw…progressive!) without stumbling too much. I call that a win.

Speaking action shot

Speaking action shot

Really my presentation was my blogging story, with a few nuggets thrown in about how blogs can get you jobs. And I realized I have a story but I haven’t really told it before. If you’ve read my blog these past um eight years then you can kind of track my blogging progression but really who can remember.

The point is I even took something away from the presentation. I have a lot to offer and I’ve maybe lacked motivation or drive or confidence to put myself out there. So I’m glad I spoke to a class and I’m glad to move into this part of my blogging journey.

Thanks for the opportunity!