Career Change at Age 5

My career as flower girl really took off after my tryout in peach. The next year or maybe the one after I was asked to be the flower girl again in a wedding and even though I had to share the limelight with my brother I remembered the white chocolates and everything was OK.

Except… well, there wasn’t any chocolate bribery this time. Apparently when you reach a certain age they think you don’t need extra coaxing down the aisle.

Well I never!

So I changed career paths. Weddings became a thing of the past. Now I was into gymnastics.

I like this photo because it’s so flattering. A few of my crew and I took our first gymnastics class down at the rec centre where I learned things like push ups and somersaults. However, it was my entire goal in life to learn a cartwheel and so I would practice for hours out in the back yard. It was probably a pretty sad sight. Gymnastics didn’t come naturally to me.

Not so coordinated. Or bendy.

But, me being me, I wouldn’t let a thing like “natural ability” get in my way. So I kept practicing.

And you know, eventually I did perfect the cartwheel. And the roundoff. And the one-handed cartwheel. And the handspring. And it was awesome.

And just for fun here’s our annual Roste kids photo. I think it’s about 1984 here. Not sure though, my mom stopped labelling the photos long before this one.