Bad Habit #3: Avoiding Paperwork

And by avoiding paperwork I mean bills.

Actually, scratch that. I mean, that’s technically true but it’s not the paying of bills I fail at, it’s the filing.

I don’t know why I hate filing so much, maybe it’s genetic or something.

So here’s how it goes every month or two:

  • Bills etc. arrive in the mail
  • Place everything on the kitchen counter
  • Wait a week (ish)
  • Open mail
  • Sigh audibly at every document
  • Recycle envelopes and redundant paper
  • Wait a week
  • Pay bills grudgingly
  • Leave paid bills on desk until mountain causes issues using my computer mouse
  • File paperwork, sighing audibly at every document

It’s all very silly. What should take a couple minutes every week or two ends up taking me an entire evening due to my ridiculous procrastination.


Sometimes I wish I was more organized. I probably wouldn’t avoid my desk so much. And I might even begin to like my office.


Spice Inventory (AKA Project Impossible)


You know how things creep up on you sometimes?

For me, it’s not figurative “things” this time. It’s quite literal, and it’s taking over my kitchen.

Spices. Spices have crept up on me.

It happened innocently enough. When I moved into my condo I bought an apartment’s worth of furniture off my grandma’s friend and with it came a fully-stocked spice rack.

Then I started cooking and stuff, you know, for the blog. And sometimes my recipes called for weird spices I didn’t have so I’d go get them.

And then of course I got married and with that came more spices, mostly barbecue and meat-related.

And most recently while we were clearing out my grandma’s condo there were a myriad of spices that would have gone to waste if I didn’t rescue them.

And I couldn’t let that happen.


For months now I’ve been tripping over spices. And to tell you the truth I don’t even know which spices I have. If someone says “Do you have fish sauce?” I shrug and dig around the stash half-heartedly.

So I decided to do a spice inventory. It was a good thing to do, but my goodness did it take forever.

And by the end of it all I couldn’t even find my inventory anymore.

But it didn’t matter. The worst was over. I combined the triplicates, I re-labelled the unclear bottles, and I even pulled out the old mystery spices I’m afraid to use.


Although I think there’s still some work to do it now all fits into one cupboard.

And I know generally what I have.


You know, more or less.

Bad Habit #2: Using Things Up

At first glance, using things up completely may not seem like a bad habit. It’s very green, it’s anti-waste, and it prevents me from purchasing things I’m not completely sure I will use. However, I sense I have a problem.

Because I have seen myself—as much as I hate to admit it—collecting other people’s castoffs. Specifically toiletries.

It’s not that I want this stuff. Actually, I don’t. And I don’t need it either. I can afford my own stuff. It’s the thought of it going to waste that makes me shudder.

I mean, you can’t donate 3/4 used toiletries to charity. To them it’s garbage. And would you purchase hair gel that was already open? No way! That’s totally gross!

So what…am I doing?

As I look at my bathroom, filled to capacity with half-used toiletries I neither want nor need I wonder why I would rather force myself to use someone else’s cast off toiletries than knowingly allow it to go to landfills.

It’s a hassle. And it’s uncomfortable. And people think I’m really weird.

In fact I found myself hoping the stuff would be unusable and/or broken so I could throw it away with a clean conscience.

I have two final thoughts. First, at least this isn’t as bad as bad habit #1 (reheating old coffee). Second, this desire to use things up completely can only support my increasing penchant for re-purposing old, useless junk.

Bad Habit #1 Reheating Coffee

I have an admittedly bad habit. I like to microwave my coffee.

Bad Habit #1 Reheating Coffee

Yes, you heard me right. I’m not so busy I forget to drink my coffee and have to heat it up. I just enjoy heating up a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

My husband doesn’t really like this. And our marriage nearly ended the first time he “cleaned up” the kitchen by rinsing out the 1/4 full pot. (Total exaggeration but I was pretty miffed.) Nope. Don’t do that.

There’s something in me that just looks forward to getting home from a long day at work and heating up a welcoming mug of cafe. Despite what people think.

Well, now that it’s getting to summertime temperatures I have to remember to put the leftover coffee in the fridge. Not because it’s going to go bad sitting out at room temperature for a few hours. No, not that. Let’s take a closer look at the image shall we? With a little black and white for effect.


I am so thankful said fly was discovered before I set to drinking my “welcome home” beverage.

And boy did my husband laugh when I cried my sad story over the phone to him later. Boy oh boy.