Halloween Trick or Treating App Style

Since it’s the last day of the month for Blogging with Photos, as well as Halloween, I thought I’d show you some images from the little game I spend way too much time playing.

It’s called We Rule and it’s a free game on the iTunes app store. Yeah, a bit exclusive but I read it’s the highest grossing free app so they must be doing something right. I’ve never spent any real money on the game, but I can see how easy it would be to get into that cycle.

Anyway, so they’re having a bit of an extra game right now (a game within the game if you will) where you place a jack-o-lantern in your kingdom, then lure monsters in with your creepy carvings or something. Then you try to catch them with a trick (a shoe filled with presumably poo—very funny) or a treat (mojo, which you win by levelling up so it’s quite a precious commodity). The trick is risky but the treat is a guaranteed catch. You have to catch all nine monsters and you’ll get something cool. A prize. Not real money.

Anyway, so I’ve lost loads of monsters because I only use tricks. In past games I’ve used treats by accident and am trying not to do it this time around. I only have one more to catch and I’m a winner!

But it’s Frankenstein and he’s tough to catch.

And PS. it’s totally H’s fault I’m completely addicted to casually playing this game. He had an iPhone a whole year before I did and then made asked me to download the app in order to help him with his quests.

And he doesn’t even play anymore.

Care to trick or treat H? I’ll let you choose (choose trick!).

There you go, a Halloween trick or treating app!

Who knew.

Project: Drying Parsley

Here’s the time I tried drying parsley. It worked, but this isn’t a how-to, just my story.

Drying Parsley

I was so focused on my sad, blighty tomatoes I forgot to mention the success of my parsley.

An over-abundance actually.

I had so much I didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t re-plant it on the balcony because it’s full of chive, mint, and tomato plants. Like, full. So I decided to dry it.

I looked up a few recipes/how-to’s online and realized there is no one way to do it. So I took the one I trusted the most (read: not microwaved) and tried it out. Oh, it was also the quickest.

The instructions I chose (sorry I don’t have the link but it’s probably E-How or something) said to use a “cooling oven” to dry the parsley after blanching for 20 seconds in boiling water.

The instructions also said it wouldn’t take long (didn’t say a time just that it would all happen quickly).

Project Drying Parsley

In hindsight I realize I needed to know how hot the oven should have been before cooling for this “quick” process to happen. I had been cooking tater tots at a low temperature so “cooling” wasn’t a long process and made virtually zero impact on the drenched, blanched parsley.

Anyway, so I ended up turning the oven on to the lowest setting and spread the parsley out quite thin on cookie sheets. It worked but it took two hours at least. Ages.

I am happy with the dried parsley, but for the past couple weeks while I’ve crushed it up (when I have time, I’m not slave to the kitchen) I’ve been picking the stems out of the mess.

So there we go.

The Mystery of the Fish Who Hates Me


Literally this is the reaction I get whenever I dain to look at this big guy these days.

I can’t figure out if it’s because I’ve been away a lot or if it because the house is too cold or if he just plain doesn’t like me.

It’s a mystery. A true mystery.

Ooch i just looked at the picture again. He’s so angry!

My fish hates me.

Mate or Latte?

mate or latte

Mate or latte, where do you stand?

My husband is really into maté.

Really into maté. He got into it while travelling in Brazil and Argentina and I see how it bonds him to other people who know what the heck those cup thingies are.

It’s basically steeped tea, but it’s from South America so I suppose that makes it exotic or something.

The cup thingy is kind of neat. Traditionally it’s made from squash or wood and has a bombillia, which is both a straw and a sieve. Convenient.

I’ve learned the maté etiquette is to drink it in a social setting, and pass the cup thingy around to the right with everyone drinking from it. However, the “Canadianization” I see around has people drinking their tea all by themselves, with their own cup thingies.

Except my husband. Oh yes. He’s one of those etiquette people.

Anyway, so I like the idea of creating a little intimacy in a community through hot drinks, but I don’t anticipate people embracing that particular custom up here much. Not only would people be concerned about germs but everyone takes it differently. How do you take your coffee?


But if you want the real deal, there’s all this maté paraphernalia all over our house you’re welcome to try out.

I haven’t tried it yet…I like my black coffee. Or Americano. Maybe you can have the maté and I’ll have a latte. I’ll even let you try mine if you’re nice.

The Knitted Helmet that Could

Helmet Knitting

The most interesting thing I’ve done in the past couple weeks was attempt to knit a helmet. You heard me.

Anyway, so I’m not super impressed with the pattern because the black and white photography leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Also the pattern isn’t super clear. Did I mention it’s from the 50s? Yeah.

So I got to a certain point in the pattern and then gave up. Yes, I gave up. I stared at the pattern, reading it over and over again and just couldn’t make sense of it. So, the helmet became a cowl and that was that.

Or, to paraphrase Manos (hands of fate)…was it?

Of course not. I complained for one second to my Master Knitter Mother (MKM) and she not only made me read the pattern to her, but explain what I didn’t understand. And then she wouldn’t let me give the pattern book back to her…she told encouraged me to try again.

Try, try again. Try, try again.


Stupid helmet.