Honey Whole-Grain Bread [Slow Cooker Style!]

When I saw this recipe, I was pretty excited. You mean you can make bread in a slow cooker? Yee Haw!

I wanted to try it. See if it could really be true.

The prep was really simple. No kneading, no weird ingredients, simple instructions. And it called for honey instead of sugar, which I appreciated.

Everything went so smoothly I nearly couldn’t believe it (I am a firm believer of Murphy’s Law when it comes to the kitchen) but it seemed to be true. The trick was to put the dough into a high-sided baking pan. For the shape of it I’m sure. My loaf pan fit into the slow cooker so I thought it would do just fine.

And everything was fine until there was about an hour left on the timer. I’m glad I was home for the three hours it was baking because the quick-rising yeast was doing what it was supposed to…and pushing up against the slow cooker lid. OH NO! Problem!

Well I didn’t know what to do. There weren’t any side notes in the instructions for dealing with this. So I propped the lid a bit and held my breath. For an hour.

The result? Messy, sticky bread. It wasn’t quite cooked through the centre since I didn’t keep the lid totally shut (since I feared the bread was going to burn pushing up on the lid like it was). I probably should have put it in the oven to finish cooking but I was bored and had quite the mess to clean. So I cut a few slices, put the rest in a bread bag and called it a day.

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