Lampshades and My Not-So-Secret Weakness

I’m going to let you in on something my husband is only just realizing.

When you put something by the dumpsters and write “Free! Works Great!!” on it…well that’s one temptation I simply can’t walk away from.

You can’t write FREE on perfectly good stuff and expect me NOT to take it!

Oh…it’s a problem.

So I found this lamp by the dumpster a few months ago.

It was in perfectly good condition.

And actually did work great!

Unfortunately it needed some er…physical upgrades. AKA a new lampshade.

Honestly, I looked everywhere I could think of for a new one. But apparently you can’t purchase these things, you just have to purchase a new lamp.

Well, I couldn’t do that. Not after scoring a free one.

So I went on the Internet and figured out what exactly I needed to make a new lampshade on my own. Paper! That’s it. Large paper!

So I started frequenting scrapbook shops. Yikes!

Those are a place where I definitely don’t fit in.

And yet, I had a goal. So I kept going to scrapbook shops. And eventually I found one with what I needed…40 or so minutes from home.

So much selection! How does one choose? Well, I chose transparent white. Because it was $3 a sheet. This fancy pants stuff was $7 per sheet.

My free lamp is definitely not worth $7 per sheet.

So the other night I deemed myself “ready” to attempt the lampshade replacement and it went…OK. I used spray glue to affix the paper to the frame and while it held up really well at first, by the next morning it was starting to peel. Which was good since I didn’t have everything affixed perfectly straight so I could re-do it. But now what?

That’s the next step. For now, it’s staying in place.

And it looks pretty.

So in total my new lamp only took six months to upgrade and cost $6 plus gas.