What you’ve all been waiting for

Basically, this is the weirdest knitting project I’ve ever completed and secretly been proud of.

From the beginning I knew it was ridiculous, but you know when you just really want to do something and you keep thinking about it until you Nike?

Tonight my brother and SiL stopped by for some birthday cake and ice cream, so I thought I would spice up the occasion by sporting my vest-i-bule (meaning here is more like the inner ear and less like the hallway).

I knit a vest

“What do you think of my vest?”

My sister-in-law thought it was great. Ish.

“You should put a waistband around the bottom,” she said. “And maybe a bigger ‘V’”

Agreed. I explained how this was my first sweater vest and I wanted to follow the pattern to the T (I don’t really know what that phrase means. Literally, I followed the pattern to the V), but the vest did come out a bit short and the “V” really isn’t deep enough.

“And the sleeves…I guess they’re OK.”

Later I asked my sister to shoot a couple photos. This was as good an opportunity as any. We chose her shoe shelf as the backdrop and the vest did the rest.

I tried to find the book I swiped the pattern from but I’ve obviously hidden it from myself should I ever get the urge to knit another sweater vest (still have lots of orange yarn…). So you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you I learned a couple new stitches and I have lots of ideas for my next project.

Which I probably won’t start for a while. You know, until the buzz about my vesty blows over.

At least a month I figure.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the fedora/shiny shades, I borrowed them from my hipster sister to class up the joint a bit.

Every vest needs a little class.