SockDock: Solving the Case of the Missing Socks

SockDock: Solving the Case of the Missing Socks Since 2017

You know how you put two socks into the wash and one comes out? It’s a weird game socks play to make you double check your sheets and pockets in case they’re hiding. Good thing SockDock is here so I can stop playing hide-and-seek with my socks.


A year ago I moved homes and my laundry situation changed. In fact it was upgraded. I have a HE front loader and loads of space for hanging and while I’m grateful, one of my pet peeves is how the washing machine seal tends to eat my socks. Not all of them, just a couple. And sometimes if the spin is extra fast, some socks get pinned to the drum and if they’re the right colour…well, you get the idea. So I spend a lot of time hunting for socks. And that’s just me. My friend Kinneyland posted her woes a few weeks back and I have to say, the struggle gets real when there are a bunch of kids invited to this party.

Kinneyland sock capture

I try and keep my laundry-doing to the weekends but with these never-ending rainy days I’ve been forced outside (the yard work must go on!) in less-than-optimal weather and my laundry pile is expanding into my workweek so when I was offered the chance to test SockDock I thought, yes. This will make my laundry life easier. This will stop my socks from hanging out in the nooks and crannies of my washing machine. Because I’m over it.

The idea is you collect your dirty socks and add them to the SockDock as they accrue. When the SockDock is full, you throw then entire thing in the wash. When they come out, they’re paired up and clean. If you’re doing it right, you don’t even put the socks away you just pull them off the SockDock when you want to wear them. And how can you do this? Because the SockDock is sold in pairs, one for dirty socks and one for clean.

I love the idea and I think it’s perfect for kids. I have more needs in the sock department so for me it’s not as simple as keeping everything in the SockDock and re-wearing the clean socks. First, because I have a million pairs of socks and I like wearing all of them. Second, because I hang dry a lot of my socks rather than put them in the dryer. But for the convenience of keeping my socks in pairs through the washing cycle…it’s worth the extra effort of adding them to the SockDock.

This is a fun and innovative product I hope will make your laundry life a bit better!

3 Easy Steps

Official SockDock Press Release

The Great Sock Mystery Is Finally Solved: Matching Socks is no longer a problem with the SockDock®

How many times have you done the laundry only to be completely bewildered by the fact that one of the socks from the pair you placed in the washing machine and dryer are missing? You throw 10 socks in the washer, but only seven come out! It’s Frustrating! Then you have a pile of unmatched, unsorted and unloved socks.

According to US News and World Report, Americans spend an average of one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. And a recent survey found that one out of four consumers would like to be more organized. Kevin Bunn, a father of two small children and a stay-at-home entrepreneur, is one of those “guys” that helps with the household chores, especially the laundry. He became very frustrated every time he did the laundry—he would throw the dirty matched socks into the washing machine, take them out, place them in the dryer and out would come a pile of solo socks no longer paired.

After countless research and trying many different solutions, it was apparent nothing worked, and he knew there had to be a way to resolve this common problem. With a background in mechanical engineering, sales and marketing, he invented SockDock® a simple and easy-to-use sock organizer designed to wash, dry and store socks from “dirty feet” to “clean and neat.”

“I am very excited to launch this new product, which I am confident households across America will appreciate—especially parents with children. SockDock® will help save endless hours of time. No longer will you have to search for matching socks, they will stay together in a tidy way,” says Kevin Bunn. “How many hours have parents spent in the morning trying to get their kids dressed and ready for school only to be delayed looking for a sock that matches?”

The SockDock® keeps your laundry room/home neater and less chaotic, but most importantly, it saves you money. Less mismatched socks mean you don’t have to buy new pairs and that leads to significant savings. There are no longer random socks sprawled all over the floor, or laundry baskets full of mismatched socks. In addition, this new product is child safe. Great attention to detail went into the design, to make it extremely durable and child safe. It is so easy to use, children as young as three years old can use this system. Here’s how it works in just a few steps:

Step 1: Hang one empty SockDock® on a doorknob or closet rod near a laundry hamper.
Place dirty socks on the SockDock® (secure the first pair of socks between the bottom two buckles—one pair of socks in each slot). Press the button on the buckle above the socks and slide it down to the socks. Add dirty socks daily.

Step 2: When the SockDock® is full of dirty socks, remove the hanger and toss into the washer & dryer with other laundry.

Step 3: Remove the SockDock® from the dryer and hang it in your closet.
Socks are neatly stored and organized in the closet, eliminating the need for a sock drawer.

The SockDock® is also ideal for traveling. When it’s time to pack for a vacation, socks are ready to go. Hang the SockDock® in your garment bag, or toss it in your suitcase.

This new laundry sock organizing system retails for $19.99 and is sold in pairs—one for clean socks and one for dirty socks. SockDock® is available in a rainbow of five colors: Light Blue & Black, Red & White, Dark Blue & White, Light Blue & White and Purple & Gold. Currently sold online at and in select stores in Clayton, NC. Plans for national distribution are in progress.

The idea is you collect your dirty socks and add them to the SockDock as they accrue. When the SockDock is full, you throw then entire thing in the wash. When they come out, they're paired up and clean. If you're doing it right, you don't even put the socks away you just pull them off the SockDock when you want to wear them. And how can you do this? Because the SockDock is sold in pairs, one for dirty socks and one for clean.

Closet Wars: Update Edition

Six or so weeks into my personal challenge to wear everything in my closet I have arrived at a happy end-in-sight-point.

No, I haven’t worn everything in my closet.


This past week I found myself digging through my piles and piles of folded laundry (I forced myself not to put anything away so I would know what hadn’t been worn yet…I know, the restraint I must have, right?) and when it’s at that point I think it’s safe to say I’m not interested in anything my closet has to offer.

So I took the remaining clothes out of my closet (put the mountain of other clothes back in my closet) and forced myself to go through each remaining item…and it wasn’t going to be kept unless I could promise myself it would be worn in the next couple weeks.

For some reason, this part of the game is always difficult for me.

But now it’s done! And I have clothes for the next clothing swap, since the season of swapping is upon us once more.

I am a closet wars champion

It feels good actually, the challenge accomplishment and the relative purge of my burdenous clothing.

It does bring up an interesting point though. I have been doing this closet challenge for nearly two months now. And only in this last week was I beginning to run out of clothing.

That’s…too much, right?

Let the Closet Games Begin

Around 15 months ago I posted a similar photo of my squishy closet, claiming my desire to play the “wear everything in my closet” game and get rid of:

  • What I refuse to wear, even though the challenge is to wear everything
  • What is actually ripped, faded, worn out, 10 years out of style, etc.
  • What is clearly not my size

Let the closet games begin!

I have such high hopes for my ability to drain my closet of said clothing. Every year. Even though my closet from this year looks dangerously similar to last year’s.

Seriously!? Have I got rid of nothing!?

Actually I have, but I’ve also attended a lot of clothing swaps and come home with more than I left behind.

And wouldn’t you know, clothing swap season is upon us again!

The real tragedy here is I quite clearly need to show more discipline in getting rid of clothing.

Especially since I’m already three weeks into my challenge and my closet is still full. (Oh yeah I’m also on a laundry strike.)

Closets and Clothes Casualties

This is a photo of roughly half my closet. If it looks squishy it’s because it is.

One of my pre-marital fears was the surrender of closet space. Actually this was one of my bigger apprehensions of co-habitation. I like my space and I like my stuff in it.

Also, I very much enjoyed the luxury of massive closets for my clothes. They weren’t even full (and I have a lot of clothes) so I had everything spread out…

It was a pretty good system: casual short sleeve tops in quarter one, long sleeve tops and sweaters in the second section, dresses and skirts in the third section, and work/dressy tops in the last quarter. Anyway, here’s a post wherein gush about my closet.

So before I got married, I had to deal with my “issue.” But I wanted to really deal with it in total. I didn’t want to move all my stuff to give H half a closet and then resent him for it.

But how?

Closets and clothes casualties

I decided to go cold turkey. Instead of lamenting the coming loss I decided to just bite the bullet and move all my clothes out of his side of the closet a couple weeks before he moved in.

At first it was overwhelming but after a while it felt OK. And then the closet was empty. And you know what? Once I saw the empty closet I started to get excited about what would fill that space. I began to look forward to someone else’s stuff.


And yet, awesome.

Like seven turtles on a log, all in row.

Anyway, so while it’s totally awesome that the closet situation worked itself out and there’s no resentment, it is now quite clear that I have too many clothes.

So I’ve embarked on a new challenged to thin the ranks a bit lot. But it’s so hard to decide what to get rid of…so I’ve opted to wear everything in my closet and not put a single thing back in until I’ve worn everything.

In my mind it is only then, after everything has been given a fair shot, that I will know what items will need to move on, and which ones can stay a bit longer.

Yeah…I’m not sure it will work either.