Tasty Cool Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Obviously I’m a massive fan of smoothies. Who isn’t these days?

And I thought it was pretty simple…put a bunch of stuff in the blender and bing, bang, boom smoothie. Perfect every time.

However, I am solid proof the smoothie-making process is anything but simple.

I think my mistake is assuming everything that can be blended should be blended. So I ended up throwing everything at risk of spoiling into the concoction.

Generally my smoothies ended up tasting alternately like celery or dirt.

So now I follow recipes. (Lesson learned.)

There are a million places to get frozen blended drink recipes but how do you know which ones are tasty? Don’t worry guys, I’m here to help. My husband and I consider ourselves quite the experts in all things tasty and have given these two our top rating. Of “tasty.”

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie Ingredients

Tasty cool drinks for hot summer days

It’s so simple. SO simple. And yes, tasty. This recipe includes six ingredients.

  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen banana
  • Oranges
  • Plain non-fat yogurt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Mint

You can grab the proportions from the link in the recipe title.

I should have had all this on hand but I had to duck out to get…most of the ingredients. But I found the recipe days ago and it just had to be in my belly.

So in my version I used some ice to make up the difference for not freezing the berries and banana.

I thought it was passable but my husband’s friend said it could have been colder. So I will freeze the fruit next time. And then it will be EVEN BETTER!

You may be worried the drink won’t be sweet enough without sugar, honey, or nectar but I can tell you it definitely is. No sugar required.

Quick Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

I’ve tried to make iced coffee before, and I’m actually semi-surprised I tried again. It hasn’t gone well.

But it’s too hot for hot coffee! And I need coffee.

So we try again.

This recipe is pretty much the perfect way to use up leftover coffee. All you need to do is chill it and you’re good to go. Here are the other ingredients.

  • Ice cubes
  • Protein Drink
  • Mint

Like…yeah I have that on hand!

This drink is probably better if you have a flavoured protein drink—otherwise it’s a bit bitter. Maybe if you don’t have any of that you can add something to sweeten it up, but the point of this drink is to be low fat so if you add sugar it’s kind of defeating the purpose.

I like the protein idea. Haven’t heard of that one before. Anyway, for more detailed instructions just click on the link in the recipe title.

Result? Tasty!

In fact it was so tasty I only got a sip of this one before my drink got hijacked. But don’t worry, I have the recipe bookmarked.

When My Elevator Etiquette Came Back to Bite Me

Living in a condo means there are certain things you must put up with, which people in regular homes wouldn’t.

Most of these things revolve around etiquette.

One of my pet peeves is parking garage etiquette, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

Today I’m up in arms about elevator etiquette.

Much of the time I avoid the elevator for these reasons:

  • The elevator is slow
  • There are only four floors in my building
  • No one seems to know how to practice elevator etiquette

Here’s what happens: I’m in the elevator and it reaches my floor. I begin to exit said elevator when someone decides to get in.

So then I have to step out of the way, then step around the new person and catch the door before it closes.

Not cool right?

At first I apologized when this happened, assuming they just didn’t see me exiting or something but not anymore.

Now? Death stare.

And I think Yeah buddy, now you’re getting the death stare. Because you don’t know how to behave on an elevator.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit this in case I was wrong so I did a bit of a Google investigation.

It didn’t take much searching. Yup, I was right. It’s rude.

But the fun doesn’t end there, oh no. Actually this is quite a contentious topic! People feel strongly about how you should behave in an elevator. There are entire websites about it.

I’d link them but, well, I can’t be bothered.

But here’s one of the best “rules,” which showed up on a few pages. The issue of talking to people on the elevator.

It’s a no-no.

Well, it’s OK if you already know the person, but if you don’t know the person apparently it’s bad form to speak in the elevator.

I’m actually guilty of breaking this one. I thought it was called being friendly.

So…perhaps I’m that guy everyone dreads seeing on the elevator cause she talks. And they want to get back at me by blocking my elevator exit.

I probably deserve it.

The Correction Email that Wowed Me

I received the most interesting email the other day. It told me I could have a five dollar coupon if only I signed up for an email list.

I thought it was weird since the email list I was supposed to sign up for was the one I was receiving the email from…but I thought, hey, let’s try this anyway. I mean, five bucks is five bucks.

It didn’t work.


Then a few days later I received a second email. A correction email. It made much more sense…they said the last email had been sent by mistake and to make it up to me they wanted to offer me five bucks!

I’ve had whoopsie emails like this before but never have I received a correction email. With money.

I’m a big fan of the way Safeway dealt with their mistake and even though they could have just said “Whoops, sorry guys,” they took the opportunity to wow me. And so I’m passing on the kudos.

But I’m keeping the five bucks.

Bookshelf Blues


I know, I know, stop talking about what’s wrong with my place and just do something!

Well I’m trying alright?

When I was in Ottawa last autumn I snapped a pic of the most amazing and inspiring bookshelf I’ve ever seen. And now that’s all I want. I’ve looked for other types and styles of built-in type shelves and this one just…is awesome.

So I guess I’m ruined for bookshelves or something.

Anyway, for the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out how to translate the design into my home. Except I have a teeny problem.

My available wall isn’t exactly prime real estate.

I found a creative handyman who I thought would leap at the opportunity but after a few back and forths and a promise to draw up some sketches he hasn’t called in a while. Like a couple months.

That’s a hint right?

Now I’m deciding whether to find a new creative contractor-type or shake off my dream bookshelf and settle for what will work in the space I have. Not as fun.

But still, I think I’ll enjoy my books better from a shelf than stacked in laundry baskets.

Any suggestions?

I TRIED to Buy Local… I Really Tried


My furniture painting adventure is so very near to being complete I can almost taste it.

And the most difficult part of my journey, finding the right pulls for my repainted bedroom set is now actually finished.

So I’m glad about that.

The top knobs were no trouble to find. There is a great selection of this type of hardware. I found a ton of selection and a variety of prices. Therefore, I was able to shop around, compare prices, and choose what suited my needs best.


The pulls proved to be more difficult.

First of all, they measured 3″ from hole to hole, making them un-standard in my town. Who knew!?

Anyway, there were a few options but they were either not quite right or too expensive.

So I went where you told me to go: online.

I’m a big believer in shopping local, and keeping my hard-earned dollars in my country. But what am I supposed to do when I can’t find what I need?

After a couple days of browsing I settled on a simple bar design and after a bit of fiddling even managed to secure free shipping. In the end I saved more than $100 by making my purchase of 16 pulls online—and I received them less than a week after ordering.


Now I only have one piece of furniture left to repaint. I’ve put it off for a few weeks, as the weather hasn’t been very…supportive.

I may have to move operations indoors if I actually want to complete this project.