The Correction Email that Wowed Me

I received the most interesting email the other day. It told me I could have a five dollar coupon if only I signed up for an email list.

I thought it was weird since the email list I was supposed to sign up for was the one I was receiving the email from…but I thought, hey, let’s try this anyway. I mean, five bucks is five bucks.

It didn’t work.


Then a few days later I received a second email. A correction email. It made much more sense…they said the last email had been sent by mistake and to make it up to me they wanted to offer me five bucks!

I’ve had whoopsie emails like this before but never have I received a correction email. With money.

I’m a big fan of the way Safeway dealt with their mistake and even though they could have just said “Whoops, sorry guys,” they took the opportunity to wow me. And so I’m passing on the kudos.

But I’m keeping the five bucks.


I don’t think I’m the typical YouTube user (I don’t really watch more than the first couple seconds of videos, and usually it’s just autotune stuff or my friend’s home videos and sometimes cute kittens but only when my husband isn’t watching), but I spent a bit of time watching clips on Couponing and… I don’t know what I was looking at actually. But now I’m learning about coupons and codes and um… what am I learning?

Oh, right. I’m learning that people buy a TON of stuff by using awesome coupons where they get from somewhere and then re-sell that stuff online, at garage sales, etc. Or they stock pile it in their underground bunkers (probably) or give it away to their church. I think it’s funny that all the intense coupon people I saw in these clips donate their overage to their home church. I didn’t realize couponing could be a form of tithing. KIDDING!

I find coupons extremely interesting. Actually, no not coupons—those are just whatever. It’s the couponing culture, which is a new and interesting world to me.

Well, not completely new. My mom clipped coupons (although she pronounces the word “cue-pon” so I don’t know if she’s the best example) when I was a kid but I think it was not due to a hobby as much as it was a… well, it was the 80s. You know, recession and stuff. Four small kids. You save where you can.

But this modern-day coupon culture is a completely new experience for me. People collecting binders filled with coupons and coupon stacking and having stores pay them for the honour of purchasing toothpaste. What the what?

Last Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to learn a little tiny bit about coupons and how to even use them properly (apparently I do not). But I barely scratched the surface. Anyway, I found it interesting and as a result signed up for daily emails from Canadian Free Stuff. They gather all the coupons and whatever available in Canada every day and send you a little breakdown. It’s part handy part annoying.

Part handy because I’ve found some pretty good deals whilst browsing, like deals at places I shop already and bonus miles at places I go anyway. Part annoying because it’s a lot of email. A lot.

But extra handy now because here’s a great coupon for everyone!

Of course this image probably won’t work, but here’s the link for the real deal. Cause it is. A deal.

Although you probably can’t cash it in at a garage sale.