How to Add Captions to Facebook Videos

Subtitles. Words. Closed captions. How do people add captions to Facebook videos?

How to add captions to Facebook videos

I wondered the same thing, is adding captions to Facebook videos some sort of magic I wasn’t privy to, or perhaps a paid feature for rich people? Well, it turns out there’s one easy way to add captions and I’m here to blow your mind. Maybe.

Do I need to make an argument for adding captions? You scroll through Facebook with your phone/computer on silent like I do, right? So even though “everything’s all about video” people still need a hook to draw them in. I believe the hook is captions. Tell people what they’re watching. Don’t make them work too hard.

How to add captions to Facebook videos

  1. If you’re on a page, click in the “write something” box and then on the camera icon like you’re going to add a new post (because you are). If you’re on a personal profile click on the Photo/Video link in the “what’s on your mind?” box. You’ll find this at the top of your timeline or news feed
  2. Upload your video, add your description and screenshot and then click post
  3. Once the video is ready to view, hover over the video and click the three dots in the top right-hand corner, then click on Edit Post
  4. Your default view is on the first tab, Basic. Navigate to the second tab, Captions
  5. Here you’ll see two choices: Upload SRT File or Generate. Let’s choose Generate
  6. Here’s where things get magical. You’ll see Facebook auto-populate your captions and now all you need to do is tweak them (their voice recognition is good, but it’s fallible)
  7. Once you’re happy with the captions, click Save to Video and you’re done! You have just added captions to Facebook videos you genius you!

If you’re wondering about the SRT File option, this is a SubRip file you have to set up ahead of time in Notepad or TextEdit. You’ll need to understand the formatting and know your caption time spans so if you aren’t following this sentence just stick with the Facebook-generated captions, alright?

Top tip: I schedule video posts for my clients and was dismayed when this didn’t work. When your post is scheduled you can’t generate captions to Facebook videos but you can still upload a SRT file. So don’t worry if you can’t generate captions—just create a reminder to add them once your video posts/publishes on Facebook.

Subtitles. Words. Closed captions. How do people add captions to Facebook videos? I wondered the same thing, is adding captions to Facebook videos some sort of magic I wasn't privy to, or perhaps a paid feature for rich people? Well, it turns out there's one easy way to add captions and I'm here to blow your mind. Maybe.

Hop on the Green Bus!

At the risk of sounding like an extreme hypocrite…I’m going to tell you about this little recycling stunt I’m kind of into.

But first of all (let’s just get it out of the way), I need to admit I have a personal bias against awareness stunts. Especially when it has to do with recycling.

I can’t help it. I just wish there was less talk and more actual action. Not the action of “hey let’s go for a walk and raise money for the environment,” but the action of conserving our energy…reducing our consumption…reusing what we already have…and then recycling.

But I digress.

I came across a campaign called The Great Recycle. The project has an interesting (albeit gimmicky) idea: make a pledge to recycle more, and recycle old Facebook status’ to spread your commitment.

Odd, I know. But…yeah, I’m hooked.

In order to “recycle” your old status’ you have to first commit to recycling “X” number of bottles per month. I already recycle all my bottles but figured I could do more, like pick up garbage I see on the ground or something so I committed to one more bottle per week.

Although I know it takes much more than a Facebook campaign to make people change their habits, perhaps this is the start of something good. And who knows, maybe in all the fun of recycling old status’ people will actually keep their real recycling commitment.

It’s a start, right?

Oh, and btw this campaign is set to launch April 30, so hop on the green bus! If you want.

Quests, Gnomes, and #EqualCanada

I would like to begin this tale with the end. I went to Wal-Mart to find some Equal sweetener on Rollback and I got it. Eventually.

Now let’s get to the rest of the story.

The Quest: To shop for the brand new yellow-packed baking sweetener, Equal, at Wal-Mart.

So far, so good.

My husband joined me for this mini-adventure, which is good because the biggest part of the adventure went down in the parking lot and I would never have had the guts to take it to the next step if he wasn’t there.


We saw a guy.



So awesome.

And unexpected.

And awesome.

Here’s how the conversation went.

Husband: “You have a gnome!

Guy with Gnome (GWG): “Yeah it’s amazing!”

Me: “Can I take a photo?”

GWG: “Yeah!”

Husband: “How much did you pay for that?”

GWG: “Does it matter? It’s priceless now!

Pft. Priceless? We’ll see about that.

Keeping our original intention in mind we managed to immediately locate the last gnome in the store.

My husband did a price check. Sixty bucks. Yikes.

GWG was right. Priceless. We had to get it.

But now, let’s get to the task at hand. We walked over to the baking section (with the gnome in tow of course), which is where I expected to pick up said sweetener and hightail it to our next appointment (it was a busy night). But alas, there was no trace of it alongside the sugar, sweeteners, or otherwise.

So we continued searching throughout the middle aisles where the Rollback items were in bins…we searched in all the food aisles…and then started searching in more creative places.

And, since I already ruined the ending, we did find the yellow baking bin—in the vitamin section, over by the pharmacy.

So random!

Any idea why it would be there?

But I chose not to dwell on it for too much longer. After checking out the health info (there don’t seem to be any effects, good, bad, or otherwise) we departed our neighbourhood corner store and our new gnome waved goodbye, one last time.

Then we buckled him in for the long drive home.

What a random night.

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Facebook Garage Sales?

Well it’s not really a secret that I really like the idea of swapping and swaps, especially clothing swaps (example).

So of course my ears perked up (or whatever it is that perks up when you read something interesting on the Internet) when I read about Kortney selling her used goods on Facebook. It felt kind of like a swap, except for money I guess, because it was between friends.

But apparently it’s not just between friends. You can actually have garage sales on Facebook—companies do it all the time! Also, there are Buy & Sell groups, and now that I think about it, I have other friends who sell stuff through Facebook. I guess I just figured it was just to their friends or something.

I think the online world is changing the way we consume… for better and for worse.

For better because you can search more specifically for what you want in a timely manner. Example: You’re looking for a new freezer so you search Craigslist for “apartment-sized freezer” and set your price range and distance radius. If you were looking for a used apartment-sized freezer a few years ago you would spend your whole weekend scouring yard sales and used appliance lots.

Worse because it’s really, really easy to over-indulge. If you’re garage saling you are limited to the size of your vehicle, the availability of your friend with a truck, or the cash in your wallet. If you’re shopping online you do what I did the other day…

I saw this yarn… I saw there was a bunch of yarn for sale… I saw the price of this yarn…

And then I said…

“I’ll take all the yarn, all of it.”

I haven’t yet broke the news to my husband (my poor husband) who maybe still half-believes me when I say I will not bring home any more yarn until my stash is depleted.