April Flowers In Season Garden

April flowers…in season…in my garden.

I am not a gardener by any stretch but I interviewed a gardener for an article coming out next month and it inspired me to write a little more about the topic.

April flowers at my place

Purple Pansies

I love spring. Sigh. And the rain stopped for one day here in southwestern Canada so I feel hopeful again. Even if it lasts a mere moment before the rain comes back for more.

One of the things I love doing when I get home from a long day at work is walk around my flower beds and visit my flower friends. It’s remarkable how much they change in a day. Watching them grow before your eyes is an experience I can’t put into words but it fills me with wonder and awe and I feel my stress and anxiety melt away.

I found these pansies last summer, blooming in the middle of the front yard. My husband was mowing so I grabbed my shovel and rescued the plant, transplanting it in a front flowerbed where it was safe from the mower’s blade. What began as two flowers is now…quite something to behold!

April Flowers Hyacinth

For some reason I always forget these flowers are called grape hyacinths. Hyacinths, hyacinths. These are perfect flowers for me because they come up every year, low maintenance and have such a nice fragrance! They attract a lot of happy bees as well, which I’m glad for.

April Flowers Yellow Pansy

This is my newest yard rescue, found in March—again in the front yard—and is now safe from the lawn mower in my flower garden. I keep calling these plants pansies but you know, I’m not quite certain I’m right. When I Google it similarish flowers come up but not similar enough to remove all doubt. Perhaps this is my summertime quest.

April Flowers Daffodil

And this is my daffodil. What’s funny though, is I didn’t know I had a daffodil because I’ve never seen it before. This will be my third summer at my home and I’ve never had a daffodil. And I’ve never planted a daffodil. And yet, there it sits. Regal and daffodilly. And right smack in the middle of my flower bed. So. There we go. I have a daffodil.

My yard has a lot of shade so many of my flowers don’t show up until closer to summer. But right around the corner I’ll have tulips, lilacs and lilies so I may have to do this again.

Other times I wrote about gardening (but not April flowers)

Dandelion… Barometres?

I know a little (but not a lot) about dandelions. However, I was confused the other day when it was raining and I came upon this dandelion taking the weather like a champ.

What I thought I knew about dandelions was they would be all fluffy and feathery when the weather was good, and then close up when storms came.

So what was happening to the dandelion I saw? Was my original belief incorrect? Are west coast dandelions more used to the elements since it rains so much here? Was it just not raining hard enough? Was this dandelion a slow learner?

So many questions.

Picture turned out good though.

Career Change at Age 5

My career as flower girl really took off after my tryout in peach. The next year or maybe the one after I was asked to be the flower girl again in a wedding and even though I had to share the limelight with my brother I remembered the white chocolates and everything was OK.

Except… well, there wasn’t any chocolate bribery this time. Apparently when you reach a certain age they think you don’t need extra coaxing down the aisle.

Well I never!

So I changed career paths. Weddings became a thing of the past. Now I was into gymnastics.

I like this photo because it’s so flattering. A few of my crew and I took our first gymnastics class down at the rec centre where I learned things like push ups and somersaults. However, it was my entire goal in life to learn a cartwheel and so I would practice for hours out in the back yard. It was probably a pretty sad sight. Gymnastics didn’t come naturally to me.

Not so coordinated. Or bendy.

But, me being me, I wouldn’t let a thing like “natural ability” get in my way. So I kept practicing.

And you know, eventually I did perfect the cartwheel. And the roundoff. And the one-handed cartwheel. And the handspring. And it was awesome.

And just for fun here’s our annual Roste kids photo. I think it’s about 1984 here. Not sure though, my mom stopped labelling the photos long before this one.

DIY Vases

Well after an hour of bickering with el laptopo archao, and a carefully calculated restart, my Internet pages will load and there are images on my blog!

In celebration, I’m posting my DIY vases. They were created two or three weeks ago with some collected cans, dark grey spray paint, and ribbon. Oh, and some dried and/or dying flowers.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and how they pull the room together (even without curtains).

Now that I’ve finished three DIY vases, and am so happy with them, I want to make more.

However, being quite attached to reality, I also know I cannot have random vases all over the house. The positive “pulling together” I’m experiencing right now will no doubt be squandered and I don’t know how I would recover from that loss.

Also, I don’t have any more ribbon. Or cans. You know how it is.

So for now, I’m going to hold off on the vases, but I have lots more ideas (good ones too) for more, should the opportunity present itself.

I probably only have time for one more project before I leave on my trip to Malta. It’s not yet decided what said project will be, but it will probably involve my five-year-old apprentice again, and something messy. That’s how I roll.

Where I keep looking to when I think of my Crafty Projects, is to a big, gaudy, mirror I traded for in order to get rid of a bookshelf. I felt the shelf didn’t fit my place yet still wanted it to go to a good home. Little did I know I needed to strike a deal in the form of a heavy, red leather encased mirror to make that dream a reality.

What I would like to do with the mirror is use it. And stencil a nice black design onto the red leather to hopefully dial it down a bit. Maybe it will work?

Glow in the Dark Flowers

On the weekend my mom was going through a stack of old (vintage, perhaps) knitting magazines. The reason escapes me, but the point is she made me take one of them.

It was the First Ever Vogue Knitting Magazine.

Published in 2004, the mag came out when that fluffy, scruffy, leafy, ridiculous eyelash/fur yarn was super trendy. Incidentally, this was the year I taught myself to knit while isolated and bored over a long winter in Smithers, BC.

My inspiration to learn? I wanted to make my sister a fluffy eyelash yarn scarf. Embarrassing as that is to admit, I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then.

My suspicion for the retro-gift, is because there are a couple arm warmer patterns in the mag, and, well, I don’t think you can have too many arm warmer patterns. While they were interesting, what really caught my eye were the gaudy flowers on the sweaters and bags of those poor waif-like models.

I’ve never tried to figure out things like flowers or other such accessories, but I was thinking flowers on hats would be very fun. So, I grabbed the pattern and have tried, and tried, and tried to get it.

But it’s not working!

It would be frustrating, if the task weren’t so ridiculous. This should be the easiest thing in the world, and yet, I can’t make it work. Now, I know these prototypes kind of look like rosebuds, but therein lies the rub: They’re supposed to be…well, I don’t know what exactly. Not roses.

The green flower is too heavy, the yellow one is too tight. The third one is still in pieces and I’m running out of patience.

Anyway, I’ll give it a couple more shots. I’m pretty excited to use the yellow yarn because I picked it up on clearance for $.50 a ball and it’s glow in the dark.

Let me know if you want a prototype.