Frame Style Earring Holder

A while ago I was encouraged to try a mixed media knitting project. I can’t remember where the pattern is exactly (on one of Kinneyland’s free pattern sites, no doubt) but the concept is so simple anyone who knows a lace stitch can do it. And a knit stitch. And owns a stapler.

At any rate, I made a nifty homemade frame-style earring holder from an wood picture frame, some yarn, and staples. I love it.

I love it so much I decided to make a second one for a friend. Once when she was at my place she complimented a colourway of stash yarn I had just lying around and then when she was moving I spotted a photo frame with some ribbon on her window sill and snatched it. She was using the ribbon to hang her earrings from and I thought…we can do better than that.

It’s going to be a grand surprise (hopefully) when I give it to her in a couple weeks. It’s not like I’m holding it hostage—she’s out of town.

If you’re feeling crafty and want a rewarding one-hour project to keep your hands busy give this one a try. Just remember your work needs to stretch tight so cast on 20 less stitches than you think you need (I used 30 for the teal frame and 20 for the rust one). Make sure you have your frame first, then work until your piece measures about halfway without stretching. Then staple around and voila!