Easy DIY Garden Signs for the Non-Artistic [tutorial]

DIY Garden Signs

DIY Garden Signs

Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial for easy DIY garden signs even when you have zero artistic skills. I know because I did it.

What you need

  • Reclaimed wood (pallet, bed frame, etc.) upcycled into a sign-like form
  • Sandpaper
  • Sponge/paint brushes (various sizes)
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Containers for water/paint (Solo cups will do)
  • Stencils or craft letters
  • Mod Podge or glue that dries clear
  • Sealer/finish spray/wax

Please Grow

What you do

  • Using staples, nails, etc. create sign-like shapes from old pallets or bed frames
  • Once you’re happy with your sign shapes, sand, sand, sand. Serious here—if there’s any kind of finish on the wood the paint won’t absorb. If you’re going for the distressed/weathered look (pre-actual weathering) sand extra! In fact, sand extra anyway. You’re welcome
  • Paint your pallet sign however you want. If you’re going for the washed-out look mix paint with a bit of water in a separate container and wash over wood with a sponge brush. This is an easy process and dries fast. Allow paint to dry before adding layers
  • Once your undercoat is dry, stencil letters/images with a pencil and paint in as desired. If you have zero artistic skill like me then glue craft letters to your sign using a clear-drying glue. Allow to dry again
  • Add any further embellishments and allow to dry
  • Seal using finish spray or clear wax and allow to dry

It’s a straightforward craft but adds so much character to your garden. In my case, future garden. I don’t have a lot of experience with vegetables so I thought I should go the route of encouraging my seeds along plus reminders (#pleasegrow #intaflowers #lettuceeat #wtf (water the flowers)). That said I’m also planning a sign saying “I didn’t plant this” because I’m quite certain I will grow many mystery plants. It’s just how things go for me.

DIY Garden Signs tutorial

I still have some finishing touches to put on my signs but this is the general idea if you’re looking for a fun project on a cold winter’s night. Watch my Instagram for the finished products in all their glory. Or however they turn out.

My Birthday Gift to Me


For the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to spend my birthday.

I thought and thought and thought about it.

And then I decided I would rather be knitting so I sat on the couch and haven’t done anything since.

OK, that was a slight exaggeration, but I certainly didn’t think of anything I wanted to do for my birthday.

Birthdays for me have become just like all the other holidays you’re supposed to do something big for. It’s too much pressure.

But now I know what to do. Because it’s been on my lap the whole time: I want to knit for my birthday. That’s all. I want a nice evening of knitting.

Does that make me officially old?

The Perfect Birthday Present

For a while now I’ve been keeping a list of possible gift ideas for my husband’s birthday. And they’re all dumb.

For example:

  • Cuff links
  • Storage tower for Xbox
  • Wine tour

I mean, sure they’re all fine but they’re missing that something something. You know?

So imagine my joy when, whilst cleaning out my grandmother’s condo, I stumbled across the Rowing Exerciser.


The perfect birthday present

Knowing my husband’s penchant for fitness I just knew this was the perfect gift.

Here’s what the box says: “A new simple way to Improve [capital “I” intentional] cardiovascular circulation. All-purpose body conditioner that help trim and tone stomach, chest, arm, leg and upper back muscles.”

See what I mean? Perfect!

And the best part is, you can store it anywhere! Great for small spaces.

Now, up until this post I was giggling all the way to the wrapping paper stash. But now my tune is changed. Because despite my Rowing Exerciser (excuse me, my husband’s Rowing Exerciser) being straight from the 80s (70s?), a quick Internet search tells me they’re still a hot ticket exerciser today.


Anyway, all I need now is the perfect one-piece leotard to go with the Rowing Exerciser and The Perfect Birthday Present will be complete!

My New Notebook (Gilt-Edged Edition)

Like I mentioned last week, my birthday was recently and I was paid some attention for which I was/am grateful.

Now I would like to talk about one of my gifts—a notebook. And not just any notebook, a “gilt-edged” notebook.

I know that means the edges are a gold colour, but I don’t know why it’s so special. The dictionary just says it means the paper is high quality.

OK, so I got a nice notebook for my birthday.

I don’t particularly care for the cover though…I mean flowers are nice and stuff but…

Maybe I’ll use Mandy’s tutorial again and just cover the notebook with scrapbooking expertise, which I picked up thanks to the 30 Day Challenge (thank you 30 Day Challenge).

But the reason I’m talking about this gift today is because I didn’t even know I was longing for a notebook. Didn’t even realize it. The last time I had a notebook I used it for wedding planning. We had all our notes in there, our hopes and dreams and plans and guest list and to-do lists and on and on. It was great. We made all sorts of computerized lists and appointments and notes and such but the old notebook came in more handy and useful than all the modern technology combined.

And I haven’t had a notebook since.

That’s, like, a while!

When I was more of a journaller I would carry a notebook with me everywhere. I actually looked forward to times of waiting so I could jot down blog or article ideas, book ideas, musings, goals, or whatever else. I loved travelling by bus or train so I would have extra time to sit and think. For some reason there’s always something to do at home but in those moments of travelling…well they’re special. I’ve worked out a lot of stuff sitting on the bus. And I have a box of notebooks to prove it.

Now that I drive myself around most of the time I don’t jot notes down so much, which is probably why I haven’t noticed my lack of notebook. But I have some travel time with work coming up in the next bit so this is excellent timing to get back into it.

I have the distinct impression using my new notebook will quick start my creativity in a way typing items into my smartphone never can.

Weird right? It has got to be something psychological in my brain…respect for the act of writing and knowing how to use a pen or something.

What do you call a writer who only knows how to type?

Oh, and I’m OK with the blank page thing (lack of lines). I feel it allows me to be a bit more “out of the box.” Yet still constrained to the page.

Limits people.

Giveaway Winner

As promised, it is 8 AM and we have a winner!

There weren’t too many entries, but I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, they’re $5 gifts and kind of difficult to mail. Although, Sarah, I would’ve given the frames to you had your number been randomly generated, I really would have!

However, today’s winner is Steve!

Who wrote:

The idea for chocolate covered strawberries is a good one and came from Julia, who will help me make some for Steve… right?

Congratulations! And thanks for playing!