Turkey Time

turkey time

Turkey Time Roste Style

Thanksgiving with the Roste’s is always Family Time, but not just Roste Time.

Canadian Thanksgiving is one of the more elusive holidays, which no one is really certain of the origins. Unless you’re a Saskatchewan farmer, of course.

But who knows how many of those there are anyway (44,329).

We usually celebrate by inviting family, friends, and anyone around who may not have a place to go for the holiday for turkey dinner, hockey (on TV) and games. It’s really fun to see who shows up and I love that people feel welcome enough to join us for the usual: too much food, coffee overdose and just a touch of insanity.

Anyway, aside from turkey and family, this weekend I also was focused on my neck soreness.


It was so sore! And what a strange thing to happen from sleeping!

My mom told me it’s because my body is old. Like, nearly 30. Yikes. Don’t remind me.

My dad told me to get out and do something. I felt more like whining than doing something.

So, I spent all day Saturday feeling sorry for myself and all day Sunday trying to feel better. By the time we went to my aunt’s for feasties, my neck was slightly better.

After dinner, I went into the kitchen for some coffee. My aunt was doing the dishes and I must have reached for the coffee pot awkwardly (OK, fine, I said “Boy my neck is sore”) because she walked up and put her hand on my neck, pressed her fingers into the muscle for a second and……


All the tension melted from my neck and shoulders and the pain was noticeably lessened. It was a turkey miracle.

“But the pain will probably come back,” she said. It did, but not as bad.

On Monday the pain was even less, and I was confident enough to go out hiking and be what the locals would call “active,” despite my strain.

Everything was going swimmingly until my sister asked me to play Wii. Oh yeah, we bought my mom a Wii for her birthday. She has yet to play. Wanxiety I say.


So we played some tennis and I didn’t really think about anything else. But then on a particularly difficult backhand, my entire back cracked.

I paused, accessed the situation and now…the sore neck is a distant memory.

Conclusion: keep your family close, but your Wii closer.

Turkey Time!