Tasty Cool Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Obviously I’m a massive fan of smoothies. Who isn’t these days?

And I thought it was pretty simple…put a bunch of stuff in the blender and bing, bang, boom smoothie. Perfect every time.

However, I am solid proof the smoothie-making process is anything but simple.

I think my mistake is assuming everything that can be blended should be blended. So I ended up throwing everything at risk of spoiling into the concoction.

Generally my smoothies ended up tasting alternately like celery or dirt.

So now I follow recipes. (Lesson learned.)

There are a million places to get frozen blended drink recipes but how do you know which ones are tasty? Don’t worry guys, I’m here to help. My husband and I consider ourselves quite the experts in all things tasty and have given these two our top rating. Of “tasty.”

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie Ingredients

Tasty cool drinks for hot summer days

It’s so simple. SO simple. And yes, tasty. This recipe includes six ingredients.

  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen banana
  • Oranges
  • Plain non-fat yogurt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Mint

You can grab the proportions from the link in the recipe title.

I should have had all this on hand but I had to duck out to get…most of the ingredients. But I found the recipe days ago and it just had to be in my belly.

So in my version I used some ice to make up the difference for not freezing the berries and banana.

I thought it was passable but my husband’s friend said it could have been colder. So I will freeze the fruit next time. And then it will be EVEN BETTER!

You may be worried the drink won’t be sweet enough without sugar, honey, or nectar but I can tell you it definitely is. No sugar required.

Quick Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

I’ve tried to make iced coffee before, and I’m actually semi-surprised I tried again. It hasn’t gone well.

But it’s too hot for hot coffee! And I need coffee.

So we try again.

This recipe is pretty much the perfect way to use up leftover coffee. All you need to do is chill it and you’re good to go. Here are the other ingredients.

  • Ice cubes
  • Protein Drink
  • Mint

Like…yeah I have that on hand!

This drink is probably better if you have a flavoured protein drink—otherwise it’s a bit bitter. Maybe if you don’t have any of that you can add something to sweeten it up, but the point of this drink is to be low fat so if you add sugar it’s kind of defeating the purpose.

I like the protein idea. Haven’t heard of that one before. Anyway, for more detailed instructions just click on the link in the recipe title.

Result? Tasty!

In fact it was so tasty I only got a sip of this one before my drink got hijacked. But don’t worry, I have the recipe bookmarked.

Homemade Iced Coffee (Win!)

Ever since my epic iced coffee kitchen meltdown FAIL I’ve wanted to make up for it.

And thanks to Pinterest, I got my chance.

You see, there’s a picture going around toting amazing-looking iced coffee and so I took the image—recipe unseen—and went for it.

First I froze some leftover coffee as ice cubes (thanks for the suggestion Mike!)…but I made sure to use a dingy half-broken tray just in case the coffee wrecked it or something.

OK that’s a boldfaced lie. I just don’t really have many ice cube trays and the non-junky ones already had ice brewin’ in them.

Anyway, so we had some coffee ice. Then I poured up a couple glasses of milk over top and thought that would be that. However, it wasn’t awesome.

It wasn’t gross either, it just didn’t taste quite right.

So we tried a few things. Chocolate syrup, more coffee, more milk.

Homemade iced coffee

But then I think I stumbled upon the solution: coffee syrup. I put a shot of chocolate mint in mine, added more milk, and AWESOME!

It was tasty.

In the end it was a good thing I didn’t care about my ice cube tray because it is super stained. But that’s OK because it now officially has the job of icing coffee cubes exclusively.

Oh, and I should also let you know I looked up the recipe the pin directed me to (after this whole incident of course) and it suggests pouring almond milk over the coffee cubes. That sounds pretty good too.