So I Love Charm Bracelets, Who Knew? [Ulinx Review & Giveaway]


If 2012 has been anything it’s the year of the charm bracelet.

I’ve never had one before, but by now most of my friends do.

In case you don’t know, a charm bracelet is just like a regular bracelet but customized. It’s filled with trinkets and pendants, which (usually) holds meaning for the wearer.

I think the appeal is because you can make it your own.

Recently I learned about Ulinx: magnetic charm jewelry. Up until this point I had only heard of the kind where you purchase the bracelet, then separately you purchase all kinds of charms to hang off of the bracelet.

Ulinx is a bit different. First you build your charm bracelet online using their fancy DIY bracelet builder. Then you choose the style you like, and drag in the pendants you want from their large selection. As you build the price grows or shrinks on the sidebar so there are no surprises when you’re ready to purchase.


I had a lot of fun building my dream bracelet. In fact I spent an entire weekend creating my personal masterpiece. Up until that moment I never thought I was interested in charm bracelets. Now, I’m kind of digging it.

The funnest part about the jewelry being magnetic is you can swap around your design all the time. And you can order extra charms or linking spheres so you can build more or larger pieces.

All in all, I’m a fan.


So I’m glad Ulinx is providing an awesome giveaway on arbynblog—$150 of Ulinx! I can tell you right now, that’s gonna be a nice Christmas surprise for the winner.

To enter all you have to do is browse the new Symbols Collection over at Ulinx and tell me your favourite pendant. You can tell me in the comments on this post, on Twitter, or however you generally talk to me. You can enter once and one winner will be chosen to receive $150 of Ulinx jewelry on Friday, December 21 so don’t put this off!

If I don’t know you remember to leave a way for me to contact you.

Thanks to Ulinx for this great contest and for the cool experience.

DIY T-Shirt Jewelry (Installment #1)

For a while I’ve wanted (desperately at times) to upcycle my old dingy clothes into something more useful. Something like jewelry.

Actually first I wanted to make a rug but I’m still too intimidated by the whole “rug thing” to get very far.

Anyway, so back to the jewelry. I did it.

And it worked out really well!

Here is my write-up on DIY T-shirt jewelry. Although I did simplify it quite a bit so I wouldn’t, you know, confuse people.

Because all the directions I saw leading up to this point were tres confusing.

This DIY fabric bracelet is inspired by my niece, who brought finger knitting home from school and taught me something new.

However, she was just making long, senseless chains and when lack purpose I just don’t know what to do…I need a finished product!

Anyway, so the bracelet turned out pretty good.

This necklace was more of an afterthought.

I had a stretchy turtleneck thing that I hated wearing. Hated! And I saw an idea somewhere (definitely on Pinterest but I don’t know if it was there first or not) for creating a necklace out of an old T-shirt by cutting it into loops and affixing them at the back.

It was super simple and since my T-shirt was striped it wasn’t even difficult to cut in straight lines. (Bonus.) So all in all it was a nice little project.

However, I still haven’t figured out how to wear it.

Anyway, so if you have a bunch of old T-shirts or need a little fabric project to do with those who are able to finger knit, there you go.

Have at ‘er.