Damask coffee mug and beans for under $5!

Here’s a great Gift for under $5 my new sister-in-law gave to me. They served as centrepieces at her wedding last month. You know, the one in Medicine Hat.

Well, I may have stole it now that I think about it. Actually, no, someone gave it to me… just maybe not my sister-in-law.

The gift? These great over sized coffee mug with damask design, a photo of the newlyweds, and filled to the brim with lovely smelling coffee beans and a candle.

Since the Roste clan stuck out my brother’s wedding until the lights came on and the DJ packed up, I ended up taking two (TWO!) lovely centrepieces home. They didn’t break on the plane or anything. And when I took a better look at them, I noticed they were completely hand designed! How clever!

There were three different designs to choose from and my boyfriend and I spent a lot of time narrowing our choices down from six, to four, to two. Because even though we wanted more, we didn’t need more.

Naturally I had to highlight this gift and when I asked my new sis-in-law to give me the details, she gladly obliged (anything for the blog). Here’s what she said:

Hey! Oooh that’s fun!! Yes we made them ourselves.

  • We actually picked up the coffee mugs from the dollar store ($1.25/e)
  • The filling in the cup was some thicker cotton that we bought from Michaels so we wouldn’t have to fill the whole cup up with coffee beans (about $0.67/e)
  • The coffee beans were bought from a natural bulk and foods store—actually on discount! (about $1.33/e)
  • We also bought the candles for the mugs from the dollar store ($1.25/e)
  • And the sticker label of us we made on our computer, which we printed at Staples (about $0.25/e)

I hope that explains it all! I was really excited that we could make them ourselves…it’s what I had imagined in my head…

So if we do the math we get: $4.75. Such a great idea and now I can enjoy natural bulk coffee in my new DAMASK (this is a link to the damask wallpaper I bought in England) over sized coffee mug. I’ve washed the mugs twice and they’re holding up really well.

Thanks for the great idea Sharon and Jordie! Glad they turned out just how you imagined!