The Knitted Helmet that Could

Helmet Knitting

The most interesting thing I’ve done in the past couple weeks was attempt to knit a helmet. You heard me.

Anyway, so I’m not super impressed with the pattern because the black and white photography leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Also the pattern isn’t super clear. Did I mention it’s from the 50s? Yeah.

So I got to a certain point in the pattern and then gave up. Yes, I gave up. I stared at the pattern, reading it over and over again and just couldn’t make sense of it. So, the helmet became a cowl and that was that.

Or, to paraphrase Manos (hands of fate)…was it?

Of course not. I complained for one second to my Master Knitter Mother (MKM) and she not only made me read the pattern to her, but explain what I didn’t understand. And then she wouldn’t let me give the pattern book back to her…she told encouraged me to try again.

Try, try again. Try, try again.


Stupid helmet.