Intrepid Pumpkining


This year for Thanksgiving I felt intrepid. In the baking sense of the word.

I attempted nearly-from-scratch pumpkin pie—a definite first. I call it intrepid pumpkining.

Deciding to forego the crust I opted for store-bought but the actual pumpkin filling I went for it and pureed a pumpkin from my mom’s garden.


It took forever.


To keep me accountable I told both sides of the family I would be bringing pumpkin pie with me to Thanksgiving dinner…but when it came to actual baking time I was having second thoughts. I clearly recall threatening more than five times to bring store-bought pumpkin pies to the gatherings, not even bothering to hide the fact.

Yes, I was desperate.

But, well, my husband baked the pumpkin for me while I was at work and so I couldn’t very well give up before giving it a fair shot.

As per usual I didn’t know what I was doing so I looked up a few recipes and chose one based on two factors:

  1. It called for ingredients I already had
  2. It had less than five instructions

Hey, I’m a picky pie maker.


A problem arose when I doubled the recipe to make two pies and wound up with enough filling for three pies. Because I only had two shells (and still wasn’t willing to make more). So I thought, hey why not muffins—pumpkin muffins.


They totally flopped.

But the pies were good!

Unfortunately I was so relieved when they finally cooked and, you know, looked like pumpkin pies I stopped there and never took a photo. But trust me, they tasted right. And stuff.

And since I was still feeling intrepid I also tried baking pumpkin seeds, which were awesome.


Who knew seasoning salt, margarine, and Worcestershire sauce could combine to create something so tasty.