December’s Blog Topic Revealed

december's blog topic

I know, we’re all super shocked and surprised that Vampires is December’s blog topic.

Because of course no one would vote for things I want to write about, or care about (or know about).

That’s fine, like I said before, this year-long experiment is ending as it began. Weird.

And that’s just fine.

So while I figure out just what to do for this month’s topic, here is what else is going on around the Internet for me this week. Enjoy!

Wow! That makes me sound busy!

Votes on December’s Blog Topic (so far)

30 day challenge

Votes on December’s blog topic. Well I might as well do an update.

Somehow the poll option Vampires has received 36 votes (I know, I know, plus the original four from the “Other” category, so 40 total) in just two short weeks.

Although, to be honest, writing about bubble baths for two weeks has felt incredibly long

Julia has a small opinion of how December should look blog-wise.

And I’m sure she’s not alone.

However, 40 votes say Vampires are in pretty good shape to take December by storm.

That said, I still refuse to see the new Twilight movie until I have to.

And I think H will very much enjoy accompanying me.

Actually serious. Don’t tell him I told you.

Anyway, not that I’m assuming Vampires will win, I just got distracted there.

Here are the rest of the votes.

  • Vampires: 40 votes
  • Gift Ideas: 24 votes
  • Stories: 18 votes
  • Useless Facts: 11 votes
  • Vegetarianism: 11 votes (counting the original four in the “Other” category)
  • TBD: 5 votes
  • Guest Bloggers: 4 votes

Also there are a couple new suggestions in the “Other” category: 30 Future Goals (sounds like a good January topic even if we’re not doing the poll anymore) and Christmas Related.

Thanks for voting everyone! Only a few more days to go!

Poll Options for December’s Blog Topic

30 day challenge

December’s blog topic

Well it has been a few days and already the poll for December is interesting.

What started as five mediocre topics has grown to seven, and the two added from the “Other” category are actually quite interesting!

And they both start with “V” oddly enough.

So here are December’s blog topic options. Remember you can vote once per day (or switch computers and vote like a mad person, whatever, I don’t care).

Poll Options for December’s Blog Topic

  1. Gift Ideas
  2. Guest Bloggers
  3. Stories
  4. TBD
  5. Useless Facts
  6. Vampires
  7. Vegetarianism

I’m thinking the Vampire topic came out of the struggle I had writing the article pictured above. Well, that’s what I thought at first and then I remembered I didn’t tell anyone I wrote it because the editor added an entire paragraph I didn’t write without passing it by me so I was, you know, feeling a bit miffed at the whole infringement of journalistic integrity thing etc. etc. (read: I got on my high horse).

So actually the topic just came up.

OK, and then I thought the Vegetarianism thing maybe came from Slow Cooker month where I yammered on about how tired I was of cooking meat. But then I thought…well I was pretty off on the first thing so I’m probably off here too. And people are just, like, you know, suggesting really interesting and relevant topics/options.

Cool cool.

November’s Blog Topic Revealed (Someone Won’t Be Disappointed)

You heard it here first. In a sufficient enough upset, November’s blog topic is 30 Days of Bubble Baths.

Now, I know it looks like a dead tie with Useless Facts but as Anonymous so patiently (and rightly) reminded me (of my own rules), there were also four votes for Bubble Baths in the “Other Category.” So.

Congrats and all that to WHOMEVER of you voted for Bubble Baths. You have your topic and I must now go and work on my gag reflex.



Who is voting for #bubblebaths

It would be nice if this was my mental image when I think about bathing. But it’s not.

Here’s one time I wrote about baths.

And here’s an excerpt.

Bath’s disgust me. In fact, I have always thought of them as gross—I mean, you’re voluntarily relaxing in a pool of your own dirty filth. Ew. Despite my reservations I was inspired. I think it’s because the tub was clean and surrounded by candles. Hazelik.

So, perhaps this explains why I’m now wondering if someone is playing a little joke on me by suggesting the poll topic Bubble Baths. Having a little fun at my discomfort surrounding baths. And bubbles, actually.

I thought it was kind of sort of amusing at first, but now there are 30 (THIRTY!) votes for the topic, which is second only by two votes to Useless Facts. Now I’m concerned.

However, this is nothing new. Poll hijinks and hijacks seem to be a theme of this year…and actually I think that’s amusing too. But I did want to at least speak to the fact YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!