Apparently I Love the Letter V


A funny thing happened the other day. My letter V stopped working.

Just stopped. One day “V” worked and the next *poof* nothing.

After the “V” it was a steady decline…”C”…”X”…”Z” and finally “Enter” joined the party. It was a keyboard fizzle-out party.

A bit distressing.

And I didn’t realize how heavily I relied on the letter “V” until the other day. Like all the time. Every other word.

So how am I typing now? I know you’re wondering. Well, I have my laptop keyboard still. Which is great but it’s elevated and hooked up to this and that so to actually type on the laptop keyboard my hands are at eye level. Slightly uncomfortable.

Anyway, I’ve never been in this situation before. I was so distressed I pulled the keyboard all apart and brought it to work for the guys to look at.

Desperate times, right?

So now I’m in the market for a new keyboard. And I’m going to be picky because I really like the one I have. Er…except for the bits that don’t work. I don’t like those bits.

Rough life, huh?

Designing My Own Bling [iPhone Case from Vistaprint]

For my wedding reception my lovely sister designed my invites. Aww. So sweet. She based the idea on the umbrellas I had at my wedding as well as the damask pattern I love. The colour scheme is actually from some wallpaper I desperately searched for and eventually found in England. And the monogram is something she really wanted to do and I thought it was great. So it’s really me.

I haven’t thought too much about the invites since, you know, the event but a couple weeks ago I realized I really wanted to use the umbrella somewhere. Like on an iPhone case.

So I got my sister to send me the design file and I mucked around for a while…but nothing would work. And I was using basically the most user-friendly fool proof site to plan out my future case—Vistaprint.

Basically I couldn’t get the umbrella to be high enough quality. I mean, I knew it was possible yet didn’t know how.

So I gave up and moved on to another idea.


For some reason this shape was a bit easier for me to work with and before long I had a working prototype going on. Man it was slick. For those of you who don’t know about Vistaprint here’s the tip that will change your life. It was passed down to me and now I’m continuing the tradition: get on their mailing list and wait for the free shipping deal. That’s when you make your move.


Everything on the site is pretty reasonable (For example I got my custom made iPhone 4 case for $15) but the shipping can kill you.

Anyway, if you follow the link you’ll notice the cases start at $20 and not $15 like I said I got it for and here’s where I have to admit I did not follow the rules and I did pay for shipping. I instead went for the 50% off the entire site sale. So…I don’t know. Maybe my tip won’t change your life.

I had to wait about a week for my case and when it arrived I was pretty stoked. It did look good.

If I do say so myself.


And I love that I now have a lasting reminder of those rad invites…and I’m actually relieved I didn’t go with the umbrella. This just fills the space so well.

My only caution is the edges on my case design did bleed a bit so I don’t have as perfect a design as I hoped, but still. It’s pretty awesome.

My Teenage Computer


This is an image of my desk at work. And, actually, this is a pretty tidy.

This is from my point of view. Fifty hours per week.

Anyway, my computer is a wonderful machine (and quite powerful), yet is a bit persnickety.

You know, persnickety.

My teenage computer

He puts up with my workload for about six hours straight and then gives me…the black screen of death.

Anyway, so when this happens I become frustrated.

I don’t actually think I’d ever throw the computer off a building though.

Not really.

Anyway, I have been upset with said computer for a while now. Em…like since I have had it. But I’ve made a discovery. Let’s see if you notice what I (finally) noticed.

Let’s read it together. Alkaline batteries. Best for: headphone stereos, shavers, and tape recorders. How old are these batteries anyway? This pack has been operating my computer mouse for, like, a year. These batteries.

I’m considering a slight upgrade on batteries. You know, from this decade or something. Then perhaps my computer will stop behaving like a rebellious teenager.