Intrepid Pumpkining


This year for Thanksgiving I felt intrepid. In the baking sense of the word.

I attempted nearly-from-scratch pumpkin pie—a definite first. I call it intrepid pumpkining.

Deciding to forego the crust I opted for store-bought but the actual pumpkin filling I went for it and pureed a pumpkin from my mom’s garden.


It took forever.


To keep me accountable I told both sides of the family I would be bringing pumpkin pie with me to Thanksgiving dinner…but when it came to actual baking time I was having second thoughts. I clearly recall threatening more than five times to bring store-bought pumpkin pies to the gatherings, not even bothering to hide the fact.

Yes, I was desperate.

But, well, my husband baked the pumpkin for me while I was at work and so I couldn’t very well give up before giving it a fair shot.

As per usual I didn’t know what I was doing so I looked up a few recipes and chose one based on two factors:

  1. It called for ingredients I already had
  2. It had less than five instructions

Hey, I’m a picky pie maker.


A problem arose when I doubled the recipe to make two pies and wound up with enough filling for three pies. Because I only had two shells (and still wasn’t willing to make more). So I thought, hey why not muffins—pumpkin muffins.


They totally flopped.

But the pies were good!

Unfortunately I was so relieved when they finally cooked and, you know, looked like pumpkin pies I stopped there and never took a photo. But trust me, they tasted right. And stuff.

And since I was still feeling intrepid I also tried baking pumpkin seeds, which were awesome.


Who knew seasoning salt, margarine, and Worcestershire sauce could combine to create something so tasty.

What Didn’t Happen This Weekend

Let’s talk about what didn’t happen this weekend and why.

Well, it started with a drip, drip, drip from a light fixture in the kitchen.

The next day it moved into the hall. I didn’t spy it before work that morning and H kept things under wraps until he could no longer.

What a horrible stain!

Then it went down the wall where the amazing latex paint managed to collect the water and keep it from going into the floor. So they (whoever, I wouldn’t know, I was at work.) popped the paint and drained it into a bucket (probably).

And then…

A day or two later I came home to this.

And now it has been, oh, a week and nothing has changed.

I guess everyone who works on condos had Thanksgiving weekend off.

Let’s hope this weekend is a bit more productive! Also, I’m thankful I wasn’t hosting dinner this holiday. Yikes.