Felt Flowers & Kids Hat for under $5

So my friend Julia asked if I would make her two-year-old daughter a cute little cap with a flower on the side. Of course I said I would. I knew what she was thinking of because she had shown me an infant-sized crochet hat a few weeks ago.

Problem is I don’t crochet. And another problem, I don’t really like making flowers. I think they take too long for what you get for it (I really am a lazy knitter) and can be frustrating if you’re trying to make it just so. I suppose that’s why people crochet. It’s easy, quick, and flowers come together quickly and painlessly.

However, I wasn’t going to learn how to crochet just for this project (no offence Julia).

So, she chose the hat colours from my stash yarn and I went shopping for felt. I found the colours I needed at the Dollar Store and each sheet was only $0.41. Good deal. So, since I purchased three sheets it cost just about $1.25. Now, if you don’t want to bother with the cutting and pasting of felt, you can also pick up pre-made felt flowers at a Dollar Store for about the same price. The ones I saw came in a pack of six. The upside is they’re all put together nicely. The downside is you can’t choose the colours.

Since I’m challenging myself this month I opted for the felt sheets (although I was certainly tempted by the pre-mades). Here’s what I did:

  • I used cardboard stencils to trace the flowers, then I cut a slightly smaller one to sit on top
  • I used buttons I had already. I decided on buttons because Julia’s daughter seems to really like them
  • I affixed all the pieces together using spray adhesive mostly because I already had it on hand. My mom told me you can probably use plain old white glue and achieve the same results. Whatever you use, give it lots of time to dry
  • I thought it would be really fun to have multiple flowers to switch on to different hats, or on jackets, etc. Therefore, I opted not to sew them on the hat
  • I did look around to see what sort of fasteners there are but they’re either too finicky or too expensive for this project. So, I improvised again and used some safety pins I had on hand

I think they turned out really cute and I can’t wait to see how the hat looks on a real kid’s head (not just my light fixture)!

Tools required:

  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Glue
  • Felt sheets
  • Beads, buttons, etc. for embellishment

Cost: Way, way under $5. Also, you certainly don’t need to stick to flowers you are free to use any shape you think you can draw! I’ve also wondered if cookie cutters are strong enough to cut through felt (a future project maybe?) because that would sure save time and would ensure accuracy!

I don’t know if you noticed but my flowers are a little on the lop-sided. I used googly eyes on the worst one to deflect attention from my shoddy craftsmanship.