Snails and My Crazy Tomato

snail on red brick

A few nights ago I went out for an evening walk and came upon this snail. I thought it was picturesque.

Ever since I have seen snails. EVERYWHERE.

I feel bad for people who both live in the wetter areas of Canada and attempt gardens because after a good rain…or the hint of maybe rain, those guys make a beeline for the good stuff.

I don’t worry about myself though because this year I decided to play slo pitch instead of have a plot at the community garden. My alternative was to try my hand at a deck garden.

And things are going pretty well!

Mint in the moonlight

I have The Mint that Won’t Die going strong as ever.

Freezer lettuce

Freezer Top Lettuce (in TWO varieties!) for my salad cravings—salad on demand really as there’s never enough to stock up.

upside down tomato

And last but not least the Crazy Upside Down Tomato.

No really, crazy.

Up until two, three nights ago (actually, the same day I started seeing snails actually…) all of the vines were growing UP. Then one morning I opened the blinds and discovered ALL THE VINES WERE NOW GROWING DOWNISH.

Crazy tomato.

Anyway, since I’m seeing snails everywhere concern for my fledgling garden (actually it’s my skills, which are fledgling, the plants seem to be OK) is growing.

Because…snails can climb, right?

Well, at least I’m prepared for the inevitable. I hear rough surfaces bother snails bodies and I haven’t swept the deck in months.

Cucumbers for the Win


Cucumbers… a cure for writer’s block? Source

Well we’re back here again. Blank.

Sorry about all the pausing and stuff, with the blog and such. I’m struggling to see the joy in the every day.

But I’m trying.

Tonight I went to a writer’s group potluck (yeah) and listened to a reading on beating writer’s block with cucumbers.

It was a bit confusing (it went on for about 10 minutes about the many uses and benefits of cucumbers…which would have been fine except it was an article about writer’s block) but look at that, I’m taking the advice with me. And I’m thinking about increasing my cucumber intake.

If only I could remember how it helps.

Well, maybe that doesn’t matter. That cucumber sangria is looking pretty tasty right about now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.