Halloween Trick or Treating App Style

Since it’s the last day of the month for Blogging with Photos, as well as Halloween, I thought I’d show you some images from the little game I spend way too much time playing.

It’s called We Rule and it’s a free game on the iTunes app store. Yeah, a bit exclusive but I read it’s the highest grossing free app so they must be doing something right. I’ve never spent any real money on the game, but I can see how easy it would be to get into that cycle.

Anyway, so they’re having a bit of an extra game right now (a game within the game if you will) where you place a jack-o-lantern in your kingdom, then lure monsters in with your creepy carvings or something. Then you try to catch them with a trick (a shoe filled with presumably poo—very funny) or a treat (mojo, which you win by levelling up so it’s quite a precious commodity). The trick is risky but the treat is a guaranteed catch. You have to catch all nine monsters and you’ll get something cool. A prize. Not real money.

Anyway, so I’ve lost loads of monsters because I only use tricks. In past games I’ve used treats by accident and am trying not to do it this time around. I only have one more to catch and I’m a winner!

But it’s Frankenstein and he’s tough to catch.

And PS. it’s totally H’s fault I’m completely addicted to casually playing this game. He had an iPhone a whole year before I did and then made asked me to download the app in order to help him with his quests.

And he doesn’t even play anymore.

Care to trick or treat H? I’ll let you choose (choose trick!).

There you go, a Halloween trick or treating app!

Who knew.

Thank You Super Computer

This is my favourite shot from Kelly’s and Neal’s wedding. Unfortunately I spent my time photographing the following:

  1. wallpaper
  2. flowers and centrepieces
  3. mother-in-law’s hats

Instead of the actual wedding.

Sorry guys. But I think everyone else probably got the regular, standard wedding photos so you might be able to find them on Facebook by now.

Since it’s off-season on the mountains, it wasn’t difficult or terribly expensive to stay in a hotel actually near the wedding. This may have been a first for me. So, it was a beautiful, inexpensive, fun, overnight adventure. All in all, a good time.

Now for the big reveal: how long did it take my computer to upload this photo? Well, from start to finish, about five hours. If we’re counting exactly it was 7:05 p.m.-11:15 p.m. That’s long.

Now do you understand why I haven’t uploaded photos lately?

But before you judge too harshly, please note the old guy has some fight left in him—he didn’t time out or freeze once in those five hours. He just plugged along, uploading all the bits and bytes of one simple photograph in his sweet old time.

And really, that’s all I can ask. I mean, he has already seen me through university, living in England, and a mild addiction to the Sims 2. Can I really expect anything more?

Baddy Blogger

Two or three weeks ago I looked at my post-count for 2008 vs. 2009 and thought it was around the same number. One hundred and 39 in 2008 and 134 in 2009. I also thought I could probably match the numbers and then

I didn’t write at all.

Probably everyone gets like this from time to time—unable to deal slash cope with everything on her plate so she worries and stresses and runs around madly and gets nothing done at all.

I worried/stressed/ran around madly about the following things:

  • Giving thoughtful and meaningful presents on a tight budget
  • Figuring out how to furnish my new place on a tight budget
  • Wondering how to decorate my new place on a tight budget
  • Worrying about money
  • Having days off from work yet not less work to complete
  • Trying to keep up at work and still produce creative, excellent articles and radio programs
  • Attempting to make equal time for friends and family, while also trying to find time for myself

Probably I didn’t/don’t need to worry or stress about most of these things, however, nearing the end of December I really couldn’t deal with it. Any of it. Thank goodness I received some excellent Christmas gifts so I holed up in my bedroom and played Monkey Island 5 and watched old Faerie Tale Theatre movies until I started feeling better.

Now I’m trying to make up for lost time. I started packing yesterday, as my completion date is two short weeks away. And I grabbed a bunch of paint samples I liked, and did a walking tour of Ikea for inspiration (not for purchases. Although I did pick up a French press). Oh, and I’m blogging again.

And tomorrow is back to work as usual. No more crazy “holidays,” no more perfect gifts; no more Monkey Island…I beat it. And it was awesome.

Turkey Time

turkey time

Turkey Time Roste Style

Thanksgiving with the Roste’s is always Family Time, but not just Roste Time.

Canadian Thanksgiving is one of the more elusive holidays, which no one is really certain of the origins. Unless you’re a Saskatchewan farmer, of course.

But who knows how many of those there are anyway (44,329).

We usually celebrate by inviting family, friends, and anyone around who may not have a place to go for the holiday for turkey dinner, hockey (on TV) and games. It’s really fun to see who shows up and I love that people feel welcome enough to join us for the usual: too much food, coffee overdose and just a touch of insanity.

Anyway, aside from turkey and family, this weekend I also was focused on my neck soreness.


It was so sore! And what a strange thing to happen from sleeping!

My mom told me it’s because my body is old. Like, nearly 30. Yikes. Don’t remind me.

My dad told me to get out and do something. I felt more like whining than doing something.

So, I spent all day Saturday feeling sorry for myself and all day Sunday trying to feel better. By the time we went to my aunt’s for feasties, my neck was slightly better.

After dinner, I went into the kitchen for some coffee. My aunt was doing the dishes and I must have reached for the coffee pot awkwardly (OK, fine, I said “Boy my neck is sore”) because she walked up and put her hand on my neck, pressed her fingers into the muscle for a second and……


All the tension melted from my neck and shoulders and the pain was noticeably lessened. It was a turkey miracle.

“But the pain will probably come back,” she said. It did, but not as bad.

On Monday the pain was even less, and I was confident enough to go out hiking and be what the locals would call “active,” despite my strain.

Everything was going swimmingly until my sister asked me to play Wii. Oh yeah, we bought my mom a Wii for her birthday. She has yet to play. Wanxiety I say.


So we played some tennis and I didn’t really think about anything else. But then on a particularly difficult backhand, my entire back cracked.

I paused, accessed the situation and now…the sore neck is a distant memory.

Conclusion: keep your family close, but your Wii closer.

Turkey Time!

Choose your own adventure er… bus route

My protest photo of Ottawa parliament

Once in Montreal I had a mere six, seven hours before the bus to Ottawa.

Literally, this was the only place my Greyhound Discovery Pass would take me.

How. Disappointing.

Ottawa, Ontario, the capitol of Canada is cool and all, but the irony was not lost on me that the last time I was stuck in Montreal, I wanted to go east and instead, ended up in Ottawa.

Oh fate, you are cruel. Am I destined to end up in Ottawa? Is it a sign?

Keeping Shakespeare in mind (What fates impose, that men must needs abide; It boots not to resist both wind and tide) and totally in context, I decided it would be best to stop fighting my ticket and just go to Ottawa.

Also on my mind, was the knowledge this was decision day—from Ottawa I had exactly enough time to travel, by bus, home. If I decided to go south from Ottawa, I would be choosing to fly home.

I’ll decide once I’m in Ottawa, I thought, and proceeded to play The Sims2 for the next three hours. Oh yeah, I was pulling an all-nighter in the Montreal bus depot. Luckily, I already knew it stays open 24/7 (yeah…I’ve slept there before). Although now that I think about it, I should have called one of my friends in Montreal and had a mini-adventure while waiting for my bus.

Also, what was the rush to leave Montreal? It’s such a great city.

I guess since my eastern plans were crushed unmercifully, I wasn’t up for new ones.

So, I played the Sims and continued knitting my SMD and waited until dawn came round. Then I got on my bus (spoke to the driver in English, what a relief), snagged a sweet mid-range window seat and fell asleep.

This was the first time I’d slept since the halfer couch at Jen’s apartment. This is because the Montreal bus depot is totally dodgy, even with a grouchy bilingual security guard, and the panhandlers are seriously aggressive. And I slept soooo soundly.

We entered Ottawa during morning rush hour. I watched out the window, looking at all the familiar sites.

By this time I had heard back from my Ottawa crew. Since it was a Monday, no one was really available until the afternoon.

This made me grumpy.

A friendly beggar waving to passing traffic entering downtown Ottawa

I could’ve chosen to be happy in the capitol, done the sites (cat sanctuary at Parliament buildings), taken my photos and meet up with my friends.

However, I chose instead to be grumpy and take poor photos in protest to being in Ottawa at all.

Once at the station I grabbed my bag and looked at the departures. I had two choices, both leaving within two hours: Vancouver via Sudbury or Toronto via Pembroke.


These were the two options I was debating between as well.

Instead of choosing I went and had breakfast. The diner at the Ottawa bus depot was a choose-your-own-adventure. I could pick from any of the ingredients, build a breaky and pay… whatever the cashier wanted to charge.

It was awesome.

I think I chose an egg sandwich. Actually, I only wanted egg on toast but I received a fried egg with cheese in between two pieces of rye toast. Cut in half. Then the cashier looked at my coffee and sandwich, waved her wand hand and said, “How about five bucks?”


My sandwich was so amazing. It reminded me I hadn’t eaten since my poutine in Quebec City. Whoops.

In the end I chose to take the Toronto bus, noting the via Pembroke. In Pembroke I could connect to Bancroft, where Chris had offered to pick me up and let me tag along on his golf adventure spanning from Lindsay to Whitby and beyond.

Flying home. Yup.