Halloween Trick or Treating App Style

Since it’s the last day of the month for Blogging with Photos, as well as Halloween, I thought I’d show you some images from the little game I spend way too much time playing.

It’s called We Rule and it’s a free game on the iTunes app store. Yeah, a bit exclusive but I read it’s the highest grossing free app so they must be doing something right. I’ve never spent any real money on the game, but I can see how easy it would be to get into that cycle.

Anyway, so they’re having a bit of an extra game right now (a game within the game if you will) where you place a jack-o-lantern in your kingdom, then lure monsters in with your creepy carvings or something. Then you try to catch them with a trick (a shoe filled with presumably poo—very funny) or a treat (mojo, which you win by levelling up so it’s quite a precious commodity). The trick is risky but the treat is a guaranteed catch. You have to catch all nine monsters and you’ll get something cool. A prize. Not real money.

Anyway, so I’ve lost loads of monsters because I only use tricks. In past games I’ve used treats by accident and am trying not to do it this time around. I only have one more to catch and I’m a winner!

But it’s Frankenstein and he’s tough to catch.

And PS. it’s totally H’s fault I’m completely addicted to casually playing this game. He had an iPhone a whole year before I did and then made asked me to download the app in order to help him with his quests.

And he doesn’t even play anymore.

Care to trick or treat H? I’ll let you choose (choose trick!).

There you go, a Halloween trick or treating app!

Who knew.