Water Bottle Trends

Water Bottle Trends

Water bottle trends

Earlier this spring, my husband came home with a new water bottle for me. I thought it a bit strange, considering we have literally a cupboard filled with reusable plastic and metal water bottles. But he was swept up in water bottle trends!

“This one is insulated, it keeps your water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.”

Whoa. Listening…

“And it’s vacuum-sealed.”

Did any of our other bottles do that? Well, I have no idea. Do I need something cold or hot hours and hours? Now I do!

He picked up the Manna Vogue Insulated Bottles at Canadian Tire. I liked the colour (he chose a shiny teal for me) and the size (it could fit in my purse AND I didn’t have to worry about it leaking/sweating) so was happy to try it out.

And, I like it!

There isn’t too much I can say—it keeps my cold water cold, it is trustworthy (hasn’t leaked even a drop), and it’s simple. The only negative I can think of is it doesn’t hold as much water as I’d like so I have to refill it several times per day. Upside is it forces me to get up from my desk and walk around. So I guess it’s not really a negative.

Once I adapted to my new water bottle I started noticing them everywhere. Everyone has one (and yet I had never heard of nor noticed them before this) and everyone’s selling some version of it. S’well, KINGSO, MIRA, etc.

They’re everywhere.

And that’s not just an anecdote. Forbes says so too. But even more interesting is Sarah Kauss (S’well Bottle founder and bottle designer) said she set out to bring chic, reusable water bottles to the masses and could keep up with a busy schedule and satisfy personal style.

And then I think, hmm, yes. I like the look of this bottle and I think it does fit into my busy life. It also fits into my car’s cup holder and keeps my water cold when I leave it out in the garden all day. Etc.

So. Water bottle trends. Did you know it was a thing? Now you do!

Water Bottle Features

  • Non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA free
  • Made of 18/8 double-walled stainless steel
  • Vacuum sealed, keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Hand-wash only

Oh, I heard there’s also a Target variety called S’ip. So that’s fun.

Air Conditioning and Water Fights

It’s no secret my area is experiencing a bit of a heatwave. While this has its own challenges for fellow apartment-dwellers without air conditioning it has been mostly awesome. Because it’s never nice here.

Anyway, the other day I was walking to my car and I noticed the car parked beside mine was left empty and running.

I noted it as strange but then recalled when I lived in colder parts people would go into restaurants for a meal and leave their vehicles running so the engine wouldn’t seize. So this must be the hot-lander version of it.

And then I recalled a similar experience a few weeks back. I had spent the weekend in an interior house boating hot spot, which was great except we couldn’t drink the water. The small town flooded earlier in the spring and the water source had become contaminated.

However, there was a tanker truck full of free water at the local rec centre and one day we popped up there to fill a bunch of bottles.

Just after we arrived a big diesel truck pulled up right in front of the tanker, exhaust facing us directly. Leaving the truck running, a man and woman came over to the tanker. The man overseeing the water distribution told the man to turn off his engine as the exhaust was smoking us out.

“What, you want me to lose all my AC?”

“How ignorant are you sir?”

It’s at this point I wondered if I would be witness to a fight. Then as the man and woman continued to fill their water bottles (did I mention they pushed in front of me? You’re not surprised are you?) I wondered if I would be partaking in a fight.


But then something weird happened. The man with the truck arched his back, said some mean words I must have blocked because I can’t remember them, and started towards the water man. Then he veered towards his truck and turned the engine off.

“Thank you sir, I really appreciate it.” Said the water man. I felt compelled to also speak up but, thinking better of it, held back and quietly waited to fill my water bottle.

Air conditioning makes people crazy. It’s probably for the best I just sweat it out each night.