Christmas Roundup

It seems as if regular people took a well-deserved Internet break at Christmas. I suppose with so much family and feasting voting for the Moose or whatever gets pushed to the back burner.

Stats after Day 16 of Voting

At least, that’s what it looks like happened here. Friday, Christmas Eve, there were 30+ votes and then Christmas Day? One vote.

Stats after Day 17 of Voting

Yes one lonely little vote, but don’t worry, there were 10 more on Boxing Day (obviously people are still feasting and family-ing, at least I am).

Stats after Day 18 of Voting

You know what I find interesting? Although the votes are adding up, the percentages for each category isn’t shifting much. Moose is still hovering around 40%, and Conversing with Strangers, Cooking from Scratch, and Hats are all still battling in there for top two with 16ish per cent. It’s just all very interesting.

Anyway, we are now a short four days away from the end of the poll so we’ll see if there are any last-minute shockers. Who knows? Three weeks ago four of these votable categories weren’t even on the poll. Goes to show anything can happen!