Deep Thoughts About Travel Mugs and Social Pressure

So I’ve worked in an office for just over three years now. Well, three years in a row. I have worked in office’s before.

Anyway, something you non-office types maybe don’t know is to stay productive in an office environment you pretty much need to be fuelled by coffee. There is coffee provided at my office but I got into the habit of bringing two travel mugs with me to work each day as I preferred my coffee.

But this proved to be a bit problematic. Because people in my building constantly looked at me like I was weird.

And would let me know.

“Wow! It’s a two-coffee kind of day huh?”

“Haha it’s going to be one of those days huh?”


No, I just don’t like my office coffee.

After a while I grew weary of neighbours commenting on my coffee habits on my morning elevator ride.

I went down to one travel mug but found I wasn’t happy.

And then I remembered a little Thermos I kept in my camping gear—would that solve all my first-world problems?

Yes. Yes it would.

Apparently the people in my building find it perfectly normal to carry a travel mug and a Thermos into the elevator each day, but not two travel mugs.