Emergency packing list procrastination

I checked out the trunk of my car last night, and found a bunch of awesome “in case of emergency” gear:

  • hiking boots
  • tennis rackets and tennis balls
  • running shoes
  • casual shoes
  • hand towel and beach towel
  • full toiletries kit
  • gym bag (including fresh undies and socks)
  • travel mugs
  • scarf
  • emergency casual clothes
  • roof racks

While this is a bit ridiculous I sure could’ve used most of this stuff on the weekend. If only I had driven my car.

My emergency packing kit might have to wait a couple days because I have too many suggestions and not enough room. Plus I suspect a lot of my supplies are currently stashed in the back of my car and are in dire need of organizing.

Or, alternately, I’m going to have to buy a bigger purse.

At any rate, the logistics are a bit difficult and I’m going to take a day or two to make an excellent packing list and hopefully a chart.

I’m also planning to post photos from Victoria and of the magnificent pumpkin carving party I attended last night. I attempted a pumpkin stencil for the first time and am absolutely enamored with the art. I can’t wait to do more.

Oh, and I have a new math project, which is really good. It requires a lot of statistics and random variables. I’ve talked it over with a couple math-savvy friends who walk on the creative side of life and when the equation is ready, I will share the project with everyone.