Tim Horton’s Frozen Lemonade and My Office’s Secret Crush

I don’t know what it is about Tim Horton’s, but my office is crazy about the place.

And (I don’t know how this is possible) in the last three years of working there I’ve succumbed to actually eating donuts, something I never thought I would do ever again.

But…well you work in a place where donuts just “show up” every week and eventually you get curious.

So I was somewhat relieved when I was invited to try the new Tim Horton’s frozen lemonade and not donuts. Actually very relieved.

And then I thought, this is something my office needs to be a part of. So I asked if my whole office could try the lemonade on TH’s dime and they were like, “Yeah dude.” Loosely paraphrased.

After discussing our options during staff meeting and checking the weather forecast we set the big day for Tuesday. Sunny Tuesday. The first sunny day of the whole year in the Fraser Valley. Probably.

Tuesday came and…well it wasn’t raining. And it was pretty warm. So I thought the great frozen lemonade trial of ’12 would sill be a go.

Then I set myself up for a good story: I drove by myself, at lunchtime, to a teeny tiny Tim Hortons, to order 14 frozen lemonades. Seven original flavour and seven raspberry.

And…well the story is nothing crazy happened. I was the third person in line, it only took 10 minutes to receive all 14 lemonades (and although the machine threatened to stop working due to overuse it managed to pull through), I didn’t have to stop or turn suddenly, I didn’t drop anything transferring the drinks to my car or into my office, I ordered enough drinks, and everyone got the flavour they wanted.

How boring!

I was a bit nervous it would be too sweet, as this is the great risk of all lemonade drinks but you know what, it was pretty tasty. And definitely worth a buck.

One observation I made was the raspberry was scooped up first by my co-workers—based solely on sight alone. My boss informed me this is because raspberry makes you think “sweet” while lemon makes you think “sour.” He might be on to something.

Here are a couple random Did You Know’s from the media release:

  • There are 3,295 Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada.
  • Dave McKay is the “marketing director of beverages.” Does this mean there’s a marketing director of donuts?
  • They warn the average person drinking the frozen lemonade “may feel as though a Nor’easter is blowing inside their head.” I did not, but as we know I am not average.