Fabric loaf wrap for under $5 [Gift Idea]

Homemade loaf of bread makes a great gift

Fabric tea towel to wrap homemade loaf of bread

I will admit I kind of sort of took the easy way out on this project. Sort of.

Yes, I did bake bread from scratch. It took an entire Saturday and forced me to buy things like yeast and whole wheat flour, but I’d say it was entirely worth it (even if the bread TOTALLY looks homemade). I’d like to thank Kinneyland for recommending the bread recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook—it really was straightforward and even though I completely botched the amount of yeast I should put in (I always seem to mix up tablespoons and teaspoons) and forgot the hot water until later, thus risking losing my fingerprints because I nearly burned them off…

stopping rant in order to catch figurative breath

Anyway, the bread wasn’t related to the blog at first, but then my mom lent me this amazing book from Company’s Coming called Gifts from the Kitchen. In it are all these amazing gift ideas from, well, the kitchen.

I flipped through it, then fingered through paying closer attention, then I passed it around the room so others could look, then I took it home with me.

And then I remembered the bread and thought, what a great idea!

Bread all wrapped up in a tea towel

Anyway, why I say I took the easy way out is because I already had the bread and the towel and the ribbon. But now that I think about it, that’s the point of this book! Presenting this fabric loaf wrap makes a regular thing special without the pressure of going out and purchasing something no one really needs. Genius.

There are loads of ideas in this book and I’ll probably try a few of them.

  • Homemade chips
  • Homemade Kahlua and Amaretto
  • Homemade air freshener
  • Jar toppers
  • Grog and coffee mixes
  • …on and on and on

Some of the stuff in this book is too crafty for me, but with nearly 200 pages to work with, I don’t mind leaving those to the more ambitious kitchenistas.

PS Bread is really cheap to make from scratch, and I even added fiber and honey. I think I made four loaves for under $5 and I stock most of the ingredients already

PPS I might end up borrowing this book for a while