The Great Canadian Breakfast Sandwich Calorie Count Battle [McDonald’s versus Tim Hortons]

McDonald's breakfast sandwich calorie count

If you live in Canada there’s an excellent chance you’ve seen the kinda-catchy-kinda-annoying Egg McMuffin commercial (you know, the whaaaat!? one).

Well, I don’t find it annoying I find it humorous. But I know it’s annoying because I’ve heard other people say so. And that’s OK.

While you were watching, did you notice what the actors were whaaaat!?-ing about?

Because there are only 290 calories in the breakfast sandwich.

Yeah kind of a selling feature. I mean, they don’t add in the latte and hash brown but still. Whaaaaat!?

Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich calorie count

Then I noticed the Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich commercial. At first I thought they were advertising because they’d swapped the ham out for turkey but then I noticed the laid back, “Oh yeah no big deal but our breakfast sandwich not only has turkey but it’s, like, only 330 calories.”


Oh sorry, wrong restaurant.

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Did Tims add the calorie count because McDonald’s did? And even though it’s only 40 calories more…it’s still 40 calories more. And 200 sounds like way less than 300.

Am I over thinking this?

Then I went online to find the nutrition information. Because calories are one thing, fat and sodium are another. Beside both sandwiches there’s a button to see the info, so of course I clicked.

McDonald's Nutrition Info

The McDonald’s info was really clean and easy to find. The Tim Hortons brochure was there, but try as I may I couldn’t find the turkey breakfast sandwich. Maybe it’s not updated (the breakfast sandwich is that new?) or something. Maybe the type was too small. I don’t know.

To round out my research I decided to, you know, do a taste test (obviously) and see if the calorie count made me exclaim anything. I didn’t really notice. Although I did only eat half of my Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich but I think it had more to do with coming down with strep throat than the quality of the food.

I looked around a bit to see if anyone else was following the Canadian breakfast sandwich calorie count battle. Nope. Guess I’m the only one who thinks it’s worth mentioning.