Homemade Iced Coffee (Win!)

Ever since my epic iced coffee kitchen meltdown FAIL I’ve wanted to make up for it.

And thanks to Pinterest, I got my chance.

You see, there’s a picture going around toting amazing-looking iced coffee and so I took the image—recipe unseen—and went for it.

First I froze some leftover coffee as ice cubes (thanks for the suggestion Mike!)…but I made sure to use a dingy half-broken tray just in case the coffee wrecked it or something.

OK that’s a boldfaced lie. I just don’t really have many ice cube trays and the non-junky ones already had ice brewin’ in them.

Anyway, so we had some coffee ice. Then I poured up a couple glasses of milk over top and thought that would be that. However, it wasn’t awesome.

It wasn’t gross either, it just didn’t taste quite right.

So we tried a few things. Chocolate syrup, more coffee, more milk.

Homemade iced coffee

But then I think I stumbled upon the solution: coffee syrup. I put a shot of chocolate mint in mine, added more milk, and AWESOME!

It was tasty.

In the end it was a good thing I didn’t care about my ice cube tray because it is super stained. But that’s OK because it now officially has the job of icing coffee cubes exclusively.

Oh, and I should also let you know I looked up the recipe the pin directed me to (after this whole incident of course) and it suggests pouring almond milk over the coffee cubes. That sounds pretty good too.

  • Anonymous

    I like the frozen coffee cubes idea..ive never tried that before! But I’ve been making myself iced coffees for awhile…i usually put some liquid iced java (can get at most grocery stores) and 3/4 milk, and 1/4 of cold leftover coffee, fill with iced cubes, mix…i think (or so ive been told) they are awesome!

  • I recently saw on pinterest the idea of freezing milk in ice cube trays to use in home made blended coffee drinks, but I haven’t tried it yet. I like your way, good for leftover coffee.