Binge Watching Mighty Futuragalactica

Avey wrote about how her and her husband watch TV series’ together instead of movies. And I thought…hey, me and my husband are the same.

When we were first hanging out we watched the first three seasons of the Mighty Boosh, which was one of my favourite shows coming back from England. It’s so weird.

I was happy with my man-friend took a liking to it, and even happier when we finished the Mighty Boosh and moved on to…Futurama!

Season by season we worked our way through all the episodes and movies and then H went back to work. He went back to work for a long time, so I found myself watching regular TV again…by myself.

But then he came home again, and we got married. And then we started watching the most intense, weird, poorly written/acted, and AWESOME series YET. What is it? Scroll down if you dare.


Honestly most of the time I hate it. Hate it! Nothing makes sense and stories start and stop abruptly. Oh, and the good guys always become bad guys and then they die and then more good guys become bad guys. But…I can’t help but keep watching. A lot.


Some nights we’ve stayed up till three in the morning binge watching to be continued episode after to be continued episode. And my dreams are pretty confusing.

And the best news is I think we’re going to finish season four, plus the movies, and maybe even the spin off series (although I hear that’s actually worse than this one) by the time the MOVIE comes out in 2012. Oh man.