Misleading Advertisements [maybe I should wait till I had my coffee to read emails]

Only 40 Days of Summer Left

Just like everyone else I wake each morning and spend a few groggy minutes flipping through the emails accrued overnight.

Usually it’s blah blah blah

But the other morning this one caught my eye.

Only 40 days left of summer!

What now?

My half-asleep brain yelled IT’S NOT EVEN SUMMER YET and I’m being told there’s only 40 days left!

Harumph. Aren’t misleading advertisements the worst?

I stewed on this all day long. Stewed! And then I thought, I’m going to write about this and talk about how easy it is to go wrong in your advertising.

So I prepared my blog in a self-satisfied way (why is it always like this!?) and after…a few moments…I noticed I hadn’t quite read the advertisement right. Can you blame me? It’s so blasted confusing to begin with, using “only” and “left” and “until” in close succession.

It’s funny. I spent all day stewing about an advertisement’s message only to later learn I misunderstood completely.

But still! It could have been written better. Like, way better.

Quick! Hurry! Only 40 days until summer!

OK, now that I have the words sorted out let’s talk about the message.

I believe the goal of the ad is to point out the short time till summer’s approach and encourage vacation-starved email recipients to book now or forever hold their peace. But did it work?

For me, no. There is no way I appreciate being reminded of how short summer is, even if I misunderstood the (entire) message in my groggy early-morning state.

How could they have got my business?

Well, I’m not sure. I’m not planning a summer vacation so I’m maybe not the target market. But if I was I would be prompted into action not by the short time until summer begins but by the short time I have to save a ton of money on the raddest vacation EVER.

Yeah, I think the dollars push my buttons a bit more than a pressure push tactic.

Anyway, just one of those things I was thinking about.