Oh Crap

As you should know by now, I have a crap job. At Camp Crap-a-lot.

Today was a record high. It was a hot, hot day and people were pooping like wildfire.

I didn’t keep careful count but I figured I plunged almost every toilet at the camp.

(quick math time)

There are some toilets I don’t attend to, so I’m not counting them.

  • The toilets I clean every day: 16
  • The toilets I plunged today: 8
  • Of those I plunged, how many did I plunge more than once: 4
  • Total plunges: 12

I want to say I hate my job, but I don’t. I mean, I can say it but I don’t mean it.

Oh, and a kid got locked in one of the stalls today and it was really funny. In my line of work things like that are funny, anyway.

  • my toupe off to you in great respect. without you, our lives will just be full of crap! so thank you.

  • I don’t even know HOW to plunge a toilet.

  • dan

    Blame it on the food…and all that candy…gotta love camp!

  • I hope it wasn’t Xeno who got stuck in the stall, she already has issues with that

  • for some reason, that reminded me of when one of my camper’s pooped his pants and it was running down his leg. (he was wearing shorts). So I told him to go to the showers and I would bring his clothes for him…But he wasn’t at the shower’s when I got there…

    So I looked for him and found him in one of the bathrooms… from there we walked to the other bathroom together, where he cleaned himself up.

    A few hours later, I heard Al and Mike talking about how Mike went into this one bathroom and there was poop EVERYWHERE! Smeared on the walls, the sink, the toilet… everywhere! That was my camper! and i never realized he had done that.

    Good ol’ times at camp… nothing like camp and poop

  • Okay, just cause I have a bad stall memory, doesnt mean youre allowed to make fun, Celia!
    Anyways, Robyn, just wait until you hear about what happened in the bathroom last night, holy crap. HA!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Tyson you make me laugh! And Robyn, I’m glad we find the same things funny! See you in a few days!

  • HAHAHAAH EW. Robyn, if you need money that bad I’m sure I could spot you some…hahah ew. ew. ew.

  • Yeah that is totally gross!! I’d be gagging so bad! Lol…

  • yes it was gross. that’s why I wrote about it.

    but today, I only had to plunge one toilet. Actually, that toilet was plugged twice BUT one of the kitchen staffers offered to do it for me, seeing as I’m so bothered by this whole “poop” issue.


    ps. tyson your story was GROSS. And I seem to remember working at camp at the time this happened.

  • ya, this was when you were the ass. and I was the head… bahahahahahahahaha…. (sorry, I shouldn’t write short form for Assistant director) 2002, I recall.

  • hahahahahah

    ass and head

    who was the body?

  • I did a whole summer of crap cleaning in Cali… I feel your pain…

  • bam bam was

  • Sorry. I guess I’ll just put my socks in my laundry hamper next time they get dirty.

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