Oh Crap

the time I was a janitor
As you should know by now, I have a crap job. At Camp Crap-a-lot.

Today was a record high. It was a hot, hot day and people were pooping like wildfire.

I didn’t keep careful count but I figured I plunged almost every toilet at the camp.

(quick math time)

There are some toilets I don’t attend to, so I’m not counting them.

  • The toilets I clean every day: 16
  • The toilets I plunged today: 8
  • Of those I plunged, how many did I plunge more than once: 4
  • Total plunges: 12

I want to say I hate my job, but I don’t. I mean, I can say it but I don’t mean it.

Oh, and a kid got locked in one of the stalls today and it was really funny. In my line of work things like that are funny, anyway.