O’Reilly’s Top Five Brands

Recently I subscribed to the CBC podcast The Age of Persuasion. It’s about marketing and advertising and I’m really learning a lot actually. And I guess all of Canada likes this podcast since it’s #2 right now in the Canadian iTunes store.

Anyway, so since I don’t listen weekly or however often this podcast is released I just listen to past episodes at random. And one that’s sticking with me is titled Even More Remarkable Brands.

This is a great episode because it highlights five fascinating brands, which have overcome over saturated odds and somehow stuck in our minds. Seriously! Give it a listen, you’ll be surprised.

I figured I would’ve heard of some of the brands but maybe not all of them. And wouldn’t you know it, they were all on my radar. Crazy. I didn’t think I was a “brand person” but these… well the definition of “brand” is stretched beyond what I would’ve thought. Originally.

Now my mind is blown. And, yeah. I don’t think there’s much else to say. Top Five Remarkable Brands. There we go.