Packing List for South Africa et al

I’m taking a great big trip to South Africa and I need a packing list for South Africa stat!

Packing List for South Africa

Because I didn’t write out a packing list for Saskatchewan, plus I was there approximately seven weeks longer than anticipated, plus I had about half an hour to pack in the first place, I was forced to purchase more clothes to get me through my stint up north.

I do not want this to happen in South Africa.

Not that I have anything against the clothing there. I adore the cheap Billabong and Roxy opportunities I shall have, but I do not want to feel forced to purchase clothes in haste because undoubtedly I will regret the impulsive purchase and resent said clothing since I needed them.

Therefore I have spent the entire day looking through my wardrobe, checking the weather forecasts in London, Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Maun, Botswana and writing out lists in anticipation of what I may need.

Packing list for South Africa thus far

All packed in a 60-litre back pack, which I hope is much more space than I’ll actually need for a three week trip.

  • Set of warm clothes for England layovers (jeans, sweater, Pashema [which doubles as a blanket for the plane and if I end up camping somewhere random] and walking shoes)
  • Eight pairs capris/shorts
  • Five dresses/skirts, two of which are appropriate for semi-formal dress should anything come up
  • One pair flip flops, one pair flat dress shoes, one extra pair walking shoes
  • Mixture of tank tops and medium-nice tops totaling 12
  • Two bathing suits
  • Towel
  • Minimal toiletries in refillable bottles
  • Emergency pack for airplanes including toothbrush, toothpaste, gum, contact case, glasses, hair thingies, iPod filled with new music, headphones (and extra headphones), book x 2, notebook, journal, hat, cell phone, fill-it-ins
  • Enough underwear for entire trip
  • All of my socks (I’m limited in the sock area. Note to self: rectify situation when back home)

How am I doing?

Other packing lists

I'm taking a great big trip to South Africa (and London England and Maun Botswana) and I need a packing list for South Africa stat!

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