Packing List for Toronto

Packing List for Toronto


Well look at that. I’m going to Toronto again.

I’m very excited to head to Canada’s capitol the big city not only because I actually love it (I know, being from Vancouver you’d think I’d be a cliché and hate it for no reason) but because the last time I was there it was stinky and gross and that’s not only because I was there in the not snowy season.

Garbage strike. Good times. I’d like a better memory this time.

And don’t worry, I did remember hair stuff and pyjamas and underwear even though they’re not on the list. I don’t know why I always forget those items. I also remembered candy.

The first time I went to Toronto I went for a conference. A writing conference. And I’ll be doing it again this time around. But I think I’ll be doing significantly less sight seeing. Which is OK. There’s no baseball anyway.