Pearl bracelet [or necklace, or whatever] for under $5

While at the $1.25 store a few days ago I saw two things:

  1. Elastic thread
  2. Plastic pearls

Both were sold for $1.25 or less so my total cost for this project was $2.50 (or less).

I already have several pearl jewelry items (some real, some not) and when I saw these items I thought, “Gee I could sure use a chunky pearl bracelet for under $5.”

So I spent about 45 minutes one late, late night stringing pearls onto elastic thread. After stringing the entire bag of pearls I tied the elastic together and wrapped it around my write. Fits great!

Now, I definitely do not think this is a long-lasting piece of jewelry (honestly, how strong can Dollar Store string be?) but it is a bit of fun for however long it lasts.

Also, you can use any kind of beads! You can go to an actual bead store and get all the proper jewelry making stuff, but you will be spending much more than $5.

At the Dollar Store, you can choose from a variety of different threads and beads for cheap, so this is a good project for anyone wanting to make some costume jewelry or just something fun for his or her friend or child.