Photos from the craziest Greyhound trip across Canada ever uploaded for your entertainment

Tonight I put up 180 photos from my Greyhound bus trip from BC to Quebec and down to New York. You can view the album here, even if you’re not my FB friend (I think, let me know if it doesn’t work). Actually, you don’t even need to have a Facebook account to view this album. Sweet.

It was kind of fun to look at the photos again, and relive the good times I had on my wild and crazy bus adventure across my home and native land.

Except it reminded me how many more I still have to go through. I shot the whole trip in RAW format, which I’m happy about, except for the HOURS it takes to actually look at every photo, load them into Photoshop, choose between different versions of the shots, and endure PS crashes every so often.

I have about 600 more photos to go through before I’m finished but this 180 is a very good sample of what I did and who I saw. Plus, you know, my two months of blogs would also give you a clear indication of my general goings on for that time and the adventures I endured/instigated.

Anyway, they’re a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy seeing Canada and New York from my point of view.