I’m Robyn Roste, a writer, marketer, and podcast editor based in Abbotsford BC. I’m passionate about turning piles of ideas into powerful communication tools. View my portfolio by clicking on the banner or keep reading for more about my services.

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With more than 10 years experience in writing, marketing, and audio editing, my experience combines new media, broadcast media, journalism, public relations, and social media. I love Canadian spelling, jogging, and have an embarrassing fondness for knitting.


Services (including but not limited to)

  • Blog and article writing
  • Audio Editing
  • Social media management
  • Communication strategy
  • Marketing plans
  • News releases
  • Copy writing
  • Radio script writing
  • Speaking


While every project is different, this breakdown on what to pay a writer is an excellent guideline.

General price points

  • Writing
  • Web/Blog—$0.30-$1 per word
    Article—$1-$2 per word

  • Audio
  • Raw audio editing—$35 per hour
    Podcast production—$40 per hour
    Podcast strategy/training—$500-$3,000

  • Social media marketing
  • Strategy—$500-$3,000 per platform
    Platform management—$300-$800 per month

  • Editing
  • Developmental—$200 per 1,000 words
    Copy editing—$100 per 1,000 words

  • Advertising/promotional material
  • Media release—$100-$500 per page
    Newsletters/emails—$0.30-$1 per word
    Radio scripts—$30 per 30 seconds

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