How to Set Up Your Google Maps Location

Here’s how to set up your Google Maps location and take control over your search results!

How to set up your Google Maps Location

Have you ever Googled yourself?

Google yourself.

Are you happy with what you see? Are you surprised? Are you wondering if there’s a way to add that cool map thingy to the results? Then you’re in the right place. Today we’ll set up your Google Maps location and start taking back control of your Google search results. Thanks to Katt Stearns for walking me through how to set up your Google Maps location—I had no idea!

But first, why would you care about a Google Maps location if you’re a freelance-work-from-home-writer-person-who-works-in-her-pyjamas? Here’s why: Google search results. When you verify your location (and no, you don’t have to display your home address for the world to see) you control your Googleability. Want to show up when someone searches “business writers in Winnipeg”? THIS is how you do it. Or how about “social media consultant Alberta”? Yup, you can show up there too. OK, let’s do this.

What you need

  • You need a Gmail account, so if you don’t have one go get one. I’ll wait
  • You need a street address. A real one, somewhere you receive mail. This is because in order to add information into your Google listing they send you a verification code in the mail so yes, you have to do this

What you do

  1. Go to (assuming you’re Canadian, adjust the dot ca for your country as needed)
  2. Click “start now”
  3. Fill all in the business information but select “no” to “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” (we’ll come back to this)
  4. Click “continue”
  5. Add any additional details you feel necessary and select “yes” to “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” (coming back to this)
  6. Enter the region and radius of your services. Yes you can choose “the world” but if you want to show up in specific location searches or areas this is how you do it so get specific
  7. If you want your address to display in search and on your business location map then also check “I also serve customers at my business address.” If you don’t want your address displayed then leave this unchecked (told you we’d come back to this)
  8. Click “verify now” (top right-hand corner)
  9. Enter your details so Google can mail you a verification post card (see why you need a real address?)
  10. Once you receive your post card (up to 10 days) start back at step one and click “verify.” Here you can enter your five-digit code and get yourself discoverable, listed, and HIRED thanks to Google search

Nice, right?