The 30 Day Challenge Wrap

When I first thought about doing something of a user-led blog experiment I thought it would be challenging. And fun.

I thought about it for a few months…I ran it past a few trusted advisors…and then I pitched it to the blog.

Then the voting began, methods were tweaked, topics were chosen…and a year passed.

Overall, I think things went well.

But they definitely didn’t turn out like I hoped expected wanted thought.

First of all, I was thinking the challenges would be more…actual challenges. Like 30 days of public transit, 30 days of yoga, or 30 days of, oh I don’t know, not washing my hair.

But, being reader-led as it was, the topics were a bit…well they were still very challenging. But in a different way.

Not physical.

More emotional maybe.

And actually, more difficult. (How do you write about garage saling for 30 days anyway?)

Sometimes I wondered if people sometimes got carried away with having their topic win (Stupid Animal Battles perchance?) or if people became determined to prove they could beat my little game (The Canadian Moose anyone?), which was only ever intended to be fun and not a serious competition.

But, actually, since I designed the experiment to be open enough to truly go any direction it should, why would I be surprised it went the way it did?

And why should I be upset when people want to “break the system” or whatever? I mean, for some reason, that just is what makes some people tick. Maybe it’s a mean streak, I don’t know. But I tried my hardest to accept the challenges given to me with grace, and a sense of humour.

No matter how much I didn’t want to do it. (um…30 Days of Married Life So Far? I just got married!)

But after all my complaining I look back and see how each topic, no matter how random or awkward, actually turned out to be pretty fun. And I learned something about myself. Each and every month.

I would like to highlight a few posts from this challenge, which I consider my top 12 of 2011. These are the posts I found either completely fascinating, taught me something amazing, or led to paid work.

But not today. Soon.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, I’m listening.

Oh, and thanks for playing. I know this whole thing was silly and probably a bit crazy…but I guess it was just something I had to do.

So for the 30 day challenge…that’s a wrap.