The Correction Email that Wowed Me

I received the most interesting email the other day. It told me I could have a five dollar coupon if only I signed up for an email list.

I thought it was weird since the email list I was supposed to sign up for was the one I was receiving the email from…but I thought, hey, let’s try this anyway. I mean, five bucks is five bucks.

It didn’t work.


Then a few days later I received a second email. A correction email. It made much more sense…they said the last email had been sent by mistake and to make it up to me they wanted to offer me five bucks!

I’ve had whoopsie emails like this before but never have I received a correction email. With money.

I’m a big fan of the way Safeway dealt with their mistake and even though they could have just said “Whoops, sorry guys,” they took the opportunity to wow me. And so I’m passing on the kudos.

But I’m keeping the five bucks.