Top 12 Posts of 2011 (Part 2)

This list is pretty self-explanatory. In part one of this list I went though the first half of the year’s 30 Days of Madness (hey…that would have been an interesting topic!) writing slash life exercise.

And in this half, I’ll do the rest of the year.

Top 12 Posts of 2011 (Part 2)

Where was I…

7. July…was kind of a tough month. The topic was Garage Sales and I just didn’t know how to write about garage sales in an interesting way for an entire month. Although it was a challenge to actually go to those garage sales week after week. Man, respect to you hardcores.

Anyway, the post I enjoyed the most was when I re-discovered Homestarrunner and Strongbad Emails. Enjoy.

8. August was great because I got to do lists. Top Five Lists. Thanks guys. Anyway, although I liked many of the lists, which came into being as a result of this topic, I think my favourite is still the Top Five Discovery from my English days, Top Five TRENDSETTER. Hah.

9. And then in September… the topic was slow cooker meals! At first I was very excited. And by the end of the month…well I won’t pretty it up, I had a total complete meltdown and the slow cooker nearly made an exit off the balcony.

But it didn’t. And I’ve used it a couple times since.

Although this wasn’t my favourite recipe, I think my husband’s post about chocolate peanut butter pudding was pretty entertaining. And it was re-posted (at least the recipe was) on Happily Blended during her peanut butter fixation. So that was fun too.

10. October was another challenge… the topic was blogging with photos and I just know I didn’t do it right. But can you believe it, I just couldn’t stop writing!

I know some people in the blogging world adhere to the “Wordless Wednesday” thing, where you post a photo and no explanation. But I can’t do it. I don’t like art shows when the artist doesn’t put a name on the piece (don’t judge me) because I don’t want to interpret it my way. I’m no postmodernist. I want to see it the way the artist sees it.

Anyway, so it was a fun month because I had to use photos to enhance my stories and sometimes it wasn’t easy to do so. Probably my favourite post from this topic was the series on my leaky condo. Beginning with Sad Robyn because I was so sad. And believe it or not, this particular journey still isn’t over.

11. And then in November…BUBBLE BATHS! I still don’t know who’s responsible for this topic (usually instigators came clean but not this time!) but you know what, despite my many reservations, I actually had fun with this month of silliness.

In my opinion, the turnaround was when I found amazing and unique bathtubs. It changed my perspective on bathing and made me start to kind of sort of want a really awesome bathtub.

12. And then in December…you chose vampires. Vampires!

I’ve never been interested in vampires or anything in that vein. Not because I have some religious aversion or anything, just because it honestly never interested me. Too violent and bloody. I prefer the lighter side of life entertainment-wise.

Anyway, thanks to this topic I am on the verge of wondering if this has changed. Because I watched the movie Dracula and I LOVED it. LOVED it. I also liked all the other vampire shows I watched throughout the month, weird right? Something I’ve never cared about, or thought much about, and yet…well. What do you know. Oh, but I hated the Twilight movie. Mustn’t forget about that.

And with that, I bid adieu to the 30 Day Challenge. What a crazy ride. What an intense year. And again, thank you all who participated to help me out on this insane quest. I really couldn’t have done it without you.

Now, I may go and sleep for a year. Just kidding. Like I said before, I can’t stop writing.