Top Five Things I Haven’t Been Doing

This week at work I’ve had to generate a lot of content—radio scripts, magazine articles, blogs, update articles, and (of course) tweets.

As a result, my creative bursts are at an all-time low, my grammar fanaticism is in high gear (we just got the latest Canadian Press style guides and I’m practically glowing), and my personal blog is…pretty neglected. As is the rest of my life, really. Since most of my hobbies include being creative, I haven’t been up to much.

Top Five Things I Haven’t Been up to This Week:

  1. Knitting
  2. Blogging/Computers in general
  3. Taking photos
  4. Reading
  5. Filing my taxes

Top Five Six Things I Have Been up to This Week:

  1. Slo-pitch
  2. Trying to get curtains (why is it so much work?)
  3. Bottling wine
  4. Playing Skip-bo
  5. Watching Futurama
  6. Drinking tea

It’s a whole other side of me, really.