Top Five Uses for Mint

It’s no secret that I’m new to gardening and that my experience up until this point has been less than green.

Meaning I kill plants.

However, this year although the garden is not exactly keeping up with the Joneses at least things aren’t dead yet.

That was the introduction. Because this story isn’t very long. Basically I just wanted to highlight the fact that I’m not a natural gardener and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I bought a little mint plant in which to plant in my garden (I heard it’s a good companion plant and chases the bad bugs away) and then promptly forgot to plant it.

Now it’s planted on my balcony. It just so happened someone (who must be crazy) put a bunch of vertical horizontal trough-like deck planters behind our communal dumpster (which is where all the best stuff goes) so I grabbed one (OK fine. Two) and planted the mint in there.

And would you believe the only thing I had thought of to do with the mint was make tzatziki?

Since I don’t want anyone else to suffer from the same lack of inspiration, here are the Top Five Uses for Mint. By Robyn. Not counting the tzatziki (that was a freebie).

Top Five Uses for Mint

  1. Room Deodorizer. This is, like, the original Febreeze. The easy way to use mint as a room freshener is to use essential oils. However, if you want to be herby you can break up the mint around the house. The friction releases the aroma. Mmmmm. Smelly. But I actually don’t think I would do this in my house because scents kind of make me sneeze. But perhaps if it’s a light scent it would be OK. Or if my house was SUPER stinky. Anyway, it’s really good to know about because I will no longer wonder how to naturally freshen my house.

  2. Mint Sauce. Actually this is super easy to make—no really! You take chopped mint, one tablespoon of sugar, four tablespoons of white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. You beat it up a bit and then serve it on lamb! Yeah!

  3. Mint Tea. OK so I’m a COFFEE drinker, not a TEA drinker. But I know mint is good for a stomachache (along with other digestive ailments) so if you have a queasy stomach, just throw some mint leaves into your tea and voila. Or something. I think it will work, and even if it doesn’t it will be tasty.

  4. Insect Repellent. This is one of the most interesting uses for mint I’ve seen. Basically you just have the mint around and the aroma keeps mosquitoes away. And if you have it down by your door, it should keep ants out. Brilliant! Or, you can purchase these nice little mint candles for 60 bucks a pop. And… the ad says you can use the candle holder as a (wait for it) planter once the candle is burned up. Or you can buy a $2 plant at the greenhouse. Whatever, your call.

  5. MOJITOS! I am so embarrassed. How did I not think of this sooner? Well, except for the fact that we haven’t had a summer and stuff and junk. But seriously.

    So in case you want to make your own mojito here are the five ingredients: white rum, sparkling water, sugar cane juice, lime juice, and of course mint leaves. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm refreshing.